Interior design, much like fashion, is a constantly revolving wheel. Each year brings with it new trends, which have been conceptualised already, in a different way. 2020 is no different. Each interior design revolution brings with it new trends and new styles that will perpetuate homes and contribute to our visual landscapes for the next year. Being the start of a new decade, we are on the precipice of defining styles that are modern and styles that are so 2010s. So, here are some of the most prevalent and exciting home décor trends we can expect to see throughout 2020.

Regal Décor

Another huge trend that we will see throughout 2020 is the return to regal style décor. That is, décor that would be found in the homes of the aristocracy. This comes as part of a commitment to our own homes and of creating spaces we enjoy being in. Such items of these trends include canopy or four-poster beds, which are seeing a modern twist (metal, fibreglass, plastic) as well as free-standing tubs. This reverses the trend of built-in bathrooms and gives even the most utilitarian room a centrepiece. The trend may stem from the popularity of period TV series such as Downton Abbey and The Crown, which showcased the homes of the aristocracy.

Vintage Designs  

Vintage décor is always lurking in the background of the latest home design trends. This year, it’s vintage pieces that will fit seamlessly into our modern designs, but will draw the eye. Experts are suggesting items of furniture from the 1800s and 1900s will make a return – such as spindled legs. Others suggest that vintage style wallpaper, specifically floral prints, are to make a comeback. Modern options here include adhesive versions, which can be more easily removed. So you can try it out before changing your mind.

Concealed Kitchens

An interesting trend we haven’t seen much before is the idea of a concealed kitchen. Traditional farmhouse kitchens gave way to fitted kitchens that hid everything away in cupboards, leaving sterile surfaces and blocks of colour. It seems these concealed kitchens are coming back. But, this one may take more to achieve and could contribute part of a plan to add more value to your house by renovating one of the main rooms.

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Home design trends are interesting to map. Some come and last forever, while others are old hat by the end of the season. Taking the plunge for one or the other depends on whether it meshes with your own tastes and whether you’re still going to like it in a few years’ time. These vintage trends, regal décor, and concealed kitchens represent some of the most prevalent of the trends we’ll see in the start of the roaring twenties.