As any real woman will tell you, beards can be sexy on the right man.  But what exactly is it that women love about beards?  In the following post we look at some of the reasons women cite again and again about why beards on men are so appealing, and why you should consider looking at My Beard Trimmer to find the right equipment to get your beards looking just right.

Sign Of Masculinity

Many women, though not all, see a man who can grow a beard as being incredibly masculine.  After all, beard growing is only possible once a certain point in puberty.  That’s not to say you shy and retiring and not in the least bit alpha males can’t get in on the act too.

Gives Appearance Of Maturity

Having a well kept and perfectly groomed beard, or even one that is a bit wild is a sign of a man who is comfortable with how he looks and likely has a mature outlook on life.  Women like to be with a man who knows who he is and what he wants in life.  A strong and confident looking beard can be a sign of a strong and confident man.

Ticklish Fun When Kissing

All ladies love a guy who isn’t afraid to have a good, teasing kiss and the great thing about beards is that the fun is enhanced.  Beards by their very nature are ticklish and that can add to giggling fun when you are lip-locked.

Good, Bad-boy Look

Men with beards can often look a lot more bad-ass than men without and even if you are not a known criminal or likely to beat up everyone that looks at you the wrong way, beards will still make you look like you can handle yourself, which drives certain women crazy.

Bearded Men In General Are Sexy

Often the way a man keeps his beard is a good insight into how he keeps the rest of himself in check.  A neat and handsome, chiselled looking beard can be sexy in all the right ways.

Gives Them A More Striking Look

For men, it can be hard to stand out from the pack.  This is especially true if you don’t want to dress to zany and show off too much.  A more subtle and charming way to stand out therefore is with a well thought out and well taken care of beard.  Look at some famous celebs before and after they started rocking the beard look and you will see how it can change the dynamics of their face and over all look.

It Gives Women Something Extra To Stroke

Most women like skin on skin touch and are driven by textures.  What better and easier way can there be to add some texture to your face than by growing a nice beard.  Women will want to stroke it with their fingers, rub their cheek against it and maybe even kiss and suck on it.  Be aware that you might lose your chin to a woman if you hit the right look with your beard.