Bali Island – a romantic paradise

The island of Bali is a true paradise for any couple searching for that sparkle of romance. The views and the vibe offer a perfect blend of beauty, tranquility and romance. For couples seeking the ideal spot to tie the knot, renew their vows or enjoy a blissful honeymoon in the sunshine, Bali is the ideal place.

Unlimited choice of romantic locations in Bali

Bali offers a virtually unlimited choice of venues and locations to enjoy romantic bliss. Couples can celebrate their love surrounded by crystal clear ocean waters, the sound of pure clean waterfalls in the middle of the jungle or even enjoy a traditional style ceremony in a Balinese Temple. You would think that any of these options would be way beyond a standard wedding budget, however, the great news about Bali is that couples can enjoy access to these once in a lifetime experiences at genuinely affordable prices. Weddings in many countries cost a fortune, but even including travel costs, most weddings in Bali would come at a fraction of the cost of a wedding in countries such as Australia, Singapore, the UK or USA.

The hassle free way to organise your wedding in Bali

The easiest way to organise your wedding or honeymoon in Bali is to seek the help of experts. Like most things nowadays it is possible to arrange everything yourself, however, even sorting out a simple wedding in your own country can be quite stressful, so managing the process on a tropical Indonesian Island can be quite a challenge! The wedding industry in Bali has blossomed over the years and the more experienced and professional wedding agencies are now standing head and shoulders above the rest. Agencies like The Seven Agency have organized over 2,000 wedding ceremonies and celebrations, you can see their portfolio here. They have a very impressive repertoire of successful events and satisfied couples. Much of the feedback from the many reviews talk about how couples feel that they are special and unique. This seems to be what the 40 plus specialists who work for them in Bali genuinely believe. These guys live and breath romance and work closely with each couple to make every second of their big day feel very special and totally unique.

Making the most of every minute

Wedding agencies with slightly larger in house teams will often have a pool of experts who specialise in a particular area of the wedding experience. For example, The Seven Agency planning experts help to craft the package tailoring it to the wants and desires of the couple, their wedding stylists create the perfect look and feel and they even have wedding butlers who make sure that the two most important people of the ceremony don’t need to lift a finger. The planning experts or managers will make sure that every aspect of your wedding is in line with your vision as a couple and importantly, your budget. So, whatever you choose from the endless list of options, beach wedding, cliff edge, waterfall or villa, experienced professionals carefully guide you at every step.

Experiences beyond the wedding ceremony

Couples who are making the effort to have their ceremony in Bali will often pair it with a honeymoon holiday afterwards. And why not! There are so many wonderful experiences to enjoy on this stunning island! The Seven Agency is part of a bigger group called The Seven Group. Being part of a larger network they are able to offer a huge range of services from accommodation reservations at prices often lower than other online travel agencies. They also have the added benefit of being able to tailor make the holiday with wonderful and unique experiences such a professional photoshoot so that you can make these special romantic memories timeless.

So whether you are looking to arrange a full on wedding ceremony, renew your vows or simply enjoy a blissful romantic break with your partner, Bali is the perfect place to sit back, relax and enjoy the romance!