Blue skies, long days and the wonderful feeling of the sun’s warmth on your skin; summer is on our doorstep here in the Mediterranean and, with it, a new yacht charter season. Fashionistas will already be planning outfits for their summer escapades, but it is worth remembering that the yacht you charter can affect the clothes you wear. M/Y BIG FISH, for example, allows for guests to wear high-heeled shoes on decks due to the use of an innovative material. If you happen to be one of the lucky people who have a holiday planned onboard a luxury yacht this summer, you may be wondering what to wear. It’s an important issue, so we’ve compiled a guide to the wardrobe must-haves for a Mediterranean Yacht Charter this year.

Big Fish_running

HAT: Headwear is crucial, along with a good sunscreen! You’ll be spending more time in the sun than out of it, and you’ll want to offer your skin some protection from it. The great thing is that hats are a real fashion statement and offer a chance to showcase your personality, from chic, wide brim floppy hats for her to a cool Boater or Panama for him.


SUNGLASSES: Another must-have for your charter wardrobe, sunglasses offer a similar dual purpose and are both fashionable and sensible at the same time. Whether you want to channel your inner Jackie O with big, oversized frames (and optional scarf, although see above!), or a more a fan of sporty, wrap around alternatives, sunglasses will serve you from dawn to dusk.


SWIMWEAR: For both relaxed days at anchor in secluded bays of the Croatian or Greek Islands or energetic afternoons at one of the French Riviera’s glamorous beach bars, there is always a need for a swimsuit on a luxury yacht charter. A sporty one-piece is probably more advised for women if you intend to make full use of the yacht’s toys (especially if inflatable slides are involved) however!

SMART-CASUAL EVENING WEAR: Onboard or at the beach, the yacht charter uniform is pretty simple (see above, plus a breezy shirt, sarong or shorts/skirt). Pack at least one smart-casual outfit, however, for evenings spent onshore at a gourmet restaurant or impromptu aperitifs aboard other yachts. If you are attending prestige events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, it’s also advisable to pack one stunning cocktail outfit.


BARE FEET: Don’t expect to get much use out of your favourite pair of sky-high heels onboard. Yachts are, in general, shoe-free zones since heels and other soles are an enemy of both polished exterior decks and luxurious interior carpets. We’re not saying don’t pack any shoes at all (as you will also be spending time on land!), but be prepared to embrace a bare-foot lifestyle for the times you are onboard.