Buying over the counter products for your hair, skin and nails can be confusing. There are hundreds, possibly thousands of choices to make and it’s often impossible to know if paying more means something will actually work.

There are however many ways to produce homemade beauty remedies. Many are with store cupboard items and are natural – and inexpensive.


To keep your nails looking as if you’ve just left an expensive salon, open the cupboards in the kitchen.

If you have weak nails, concoct a brew of equal amounts of beer, cider vinegar and olive oil. It’s worth sacrificing your favourite tipple though as after a 15 minute soaking of your nails in the liquid they will be strengthened. Repeat weekly.

Cracked cuticles never look attractive but you’re only a quick homemade DIY recipe away from solving the problem which keeps you from showing your hands to the world. Mix honey and olive oil and you have a cream which makes a great cuticle cream. Apply and leave on each finger for five minutes twice a week and you’ll notice the results incredibly fast. The oil smooths and the honey reinvigorates – it also smells fantastic.


Brunettes who want a quick, easy and cheap hair dye should break open the ground coffee. It’s true –  brewing coffee and then filtering and leaving to cool will produce a hair dye to keep hair a luscious tone of brown. Coat your tresses and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing until clear.

Whipped egg whites make a wonderful shampoo. They grab hold of grease and dirt and whilst it may feel like you’re putting raw meringue on your head, don’t worry. Rinse with cold water though; using hot will cook the eggs.

Once you’ve got your hair clean, use a conditioner you’ve created from an avocado. The benefits are incredible as they contain a number of natural nourishing nutrients. Puree in a food blender and mix with a small amount of mayonnaise and coat your hair. After a couple of minutes, rinse thoroughly to have a great feeling scalp and mane.

If you suffer from split ends, it’s time for a cup of tea. Not to drink mind you, but to soak into your hair before shampoo and conditioning. Boil up a pot, let it reach full strength and then cool before using.


Hand creams can be costly but you don’t need to spend a fortune. Buy a tin of coconut milk and pop it in the fridge for a couple of days. It will thicken to the consistency of a hand cream and can then be applied. It’s great for dry skin.

If you need to remove make-up and don’t like using anything with chemicals in, reach for your bottle of olive oil. Use it to cleanse the skin but don’t worry that it will make it greasy as the reality is that it dissolves excess oils in your skin.

Exfoliating can often mean using harsh ingredients in products to do the job. It doesn’t have to be this way though as simply mixing brown sugar with a little honey will produce a beautiful smelling combination which when applied to the face will rub away the dead skin cells and leave it feeling soft and silky. It’s also great for dry skin areas such as feet and elbows.