It’s that time of the year again; Christmas jumpers are out in full force and the annual UK day where (almost) everyone dons their festive knits (to raise money for charity or just because they really love it) is right round the corner.

According to a study by Voucherbox, Brits spend more than £260 million on Christmas jumpers a year. Nearly one in five people said they sport new festive wear every year, even if they already own a couple of festive jumpers.

So how can you make sure you stand out from the crowd with your Christmas jumper?

  • Pick a really unique style – if you want to really make a splash, why not invest in one of those popular light-up Xmas knits this year? Usually they come complete with flashing baubles, but you could always upgrade an old style by adding your own spangly accessories.
  • Dress it up, not down – most people will probably be coupling their Xmas sweater with jeans, thus dressing it down. You don’t need to do that! Instead, put on a fancy skirt or dress under your jumper, so you’re really ready to hit the town for after-work drinks.
  • Go for humour, as well as style – the best Christmas jumpers are always the most stylish and classy, but why not find one that combines wit with style? There are so many pun-tastic ones this year, from fab-yule-lous designs to bah hum-pug, so try to find one with both.
  • Fully embrace the Christmas spirit – whether the festive period can’t pass without you watching Elf, or if Home Alone is more your bag, celebrate your favourite film on the evening after you pick your jumper. There are so many quotes and styles from the crème de la crème of Christmas film watching that you’ll find yourself (and everyone who gets jealous of your jumper) caught up in the festive moment.

Even though there are thousands of Christmas jumpers out there, from retro designs to Nordic-inspired knits, the best always sell out first. So it’s definitely best to get looking as soon as possible if you want to get a great one this year.

As has become an annual tradition in the UK, national Christmas Jumper Day 2016 is taking place on Friday 16th December. Organised by Save the Children, this initiative allows you to sign up for the day on the charity’s official website to get top fundraising ideas and hints and tips to make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible.

Don’t forget to don your favourite festive jumper, sport your winning smile and take photos to share across your own social media channels with #christmasjumperday to raise money for this worthy cause this Christmas.