Lets face it, we all love a good party. Taking a party overseas is just one way of having an unforgettable party experience. But we don’t all want to go to Malaga for the weekend. Some of us want to experience a party with a difference. So for those of you looking for the fun filled and reckless party with a difference, then it is definitely worth taking a look at these awesome destinations. You will have the party of your life time! Plus, when you can make use of cheap Shannon Airport parking deals, and plenty of other UK airport parking discounts too, there really is no reason not to join the party!

Amsterdam and The Red Light District

Amsterdam is famous for its nightlife. Not only is the city filled with good value clubs and bars, but the streets are also littered with cannabis friendly cafes, sex workers and sex shows! If that doesn’t sound like a good party then we don’t know what does! Amsterdam really is one of the most interesting, open minded and free living cities in the world. Whether you are heading out for a friends birthday, a stag/hen do or whether you just fancy a good old knees up, Amsterdam is sure to entertain. Browse the fascinating sex workers along the Red Light District, head out to a live sex show and even light up in a midnight cafe!

Cruise the Las Vegas Casinos

Popularly known as a playground for adults, Las Vegas is sure to get you in the mood for partying! This vibrant city is full of bright lights, amazing activities and, of course, some truly amazing casinos. So if you are looking to roll the dice, experience the luxury of giant hotels, dance in slick night clubs and experience some of the most spectacular theme ground rides around, then this is certainly the place for you. Las Vegas really is one of the worlds most wonderfully wild party destinations! After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?

The Party Scene and Greece

Greece is well known for its pina colada parties, cheap booze, beach side gatherings and large amount of clubs. This really is a great party location. Mykonos in Greece is probably one of the better known party destinations. The dancing literally happens all day long, with the beach being the main dance destination. A lot of the eateries run at all hours of the day, making sure that you party animals get the food that you need to keep going! Mykonos is well known for its nudist beaches that fill up with wild, dancing party goers. It certainly won’t be one that you’ll forget!

The Full Moon Party in Thailand

This infamous party really is a great place for you to let loose and enjoy yourself. The Full Moon Party in Thailand takes place every time their is a full moon, and is essentially a night long beach party filled with vibrancy, booze, music and palm trees! The party sees fire dancers perform amazing spectacles and music from a range of acts. They even have drinking competitions, dance offs, all night food services and fancy dress themes! This really is every party person’s dream!

Party All Night Long In Berlin, Germany

You heard it here first party people! Berlin really is one of the most popular party destinations that you need to try! With more clubs than you could possibly imagine, this party paradise will leave you spoiled for choice. The only downside to Berlin is that some of the most notorious and luxurious clubs can be a little tricky to get into! One of the most famous of these clubs is Berghain. The club, which is situated within the architecturally intriguing walls of an old power station, can be a little tricky to gain access to. Clubbing fanatics from around the world travel here to give the doors a go!

There are so many awesome places to party in this world that there really is no need to stay within your own borders. From the open minded streets of Amsterdam and the infamous casinos of Las Vegas, to the wild scenes in Greece, Thailand’s Full Moon Party, and even Berlin’s listless and notorious clubs, you really won’t be short of options. So start planning your next big party today and head off to one of these infamous, reckless and mischievous party places!