With Christmas just around the corner, party season is really getting underway. It’s a great time for all of us to let off steam and unwind with friends, colleagues and family.

But whilst the standard Christmas party can be a lot of fun, the stereotypical festive format of dancing to bad Christmas hits around the mistletoe can get a little predictable. So why not liven things up with some of these great themed party ideas that can add the excitement of the outdoors, or even the thrill of the casino to your festivities!

Parties based on the movies

Throwing a party is usually just a great excuse to get dressed up. And having a movie-themed party is the perfect way to let everyone attempt to look like their favourite movie star. Whether you want to embrace the hype around the upcoming Star Wars film by dressing up as a stormtrooper, or glam it up with a James Bond themed party based on the films Spectre and Casino Royale is your call, but movie-themed parties are definitely a lot of fun.

Inflatable parties


One of the most popular party ideas to have an inflatable party. This takes a little more organisation, but few people can resist bouncing around on an inflatable castle or tackling each other in an inflatable sumo suit – even Ed Sheeran’s doing it! The inflatable party is always a success, not just because you can take bets upon who will be the first to burst the inflatable hot tub, but because the sheer weirdness can easily bring out the wild side in any wallflower!

Casino takeover


Another thing that will prove irresistible to any young adult, is to explore that previously off-limits world of the casino. This can now easily be accessed online through Betway which is not only one of the best casino sites that features all of the poker and roulette you’d expect, but also includes a range of welcome bonuses to help you keep the costs down. And to complete the effect, make sure that everyone is blinged out the max with lots of jewellery, big hair and of course, serve the fanciest cocktails possible!

Hunger Games party


Earlier we mentioned movie-themed parties, and if you’re a little short of time or money but want to add a little danger to your festive party, you can always consider a Hunger Games party.

For this you’d need little more than the great outdoors, along with your friends to be assembled wearing the uniforms of their favourite districts, and then encourage everyone to go foraging and hunting for your carefully-prepared Hunger Games snacks. Just make sure that everyone knows that you’re the only one who’s allowed to dress up like Katniss Everdeen!

So whether you fancy partying with a game of poker, rolling down an inflatable side, or even dressing up as an orc from The Hobbit, just do it with a little style and make sure your festive party goes out with a bang!