Though many of us are regularly reminded to look after our teeth, we might not always do this as much as we should. Over half of UK adults have admitted to not having visited the dentist even once in two years, while a quarter say that they fail to brush their teeth twice daily, says NetDoctor.

Fortunately, if you arrange regular check-ups with a dentist, they could readily clean your teeth to rectify particular issues that they spot. However, would veneers serve you better in the long term?

Heard but not clean? How to rectify that

The regularity with which a dentist should check your teeth will depend on your teeth’s strength, your overall health and your diligence with your oral hygiene regime. However, as a general rule, you should have a dental check-up once every six months or every year.

In checking your teeth, the dentist is likely to X-ray your teeth to pick up on any underlying issues with your gums. Then, they will typically look closely for indicators of decaying teeth or swelling gums, as well as assess how well your teeth are aligning.

Your dentist will follow up by cleaning your teeth through measures including polishing the teeth, flossing and scraping off tartar. Once tartar has formed, it can only be removed at a dentist’s workplace, says Healthline. For this reason, if you are often repulsed at the tartar removal process, you should remember to more regularly brush and floss your teeth at home.

Where veneers can be the better long-term option

There are some teeth dilemmas which your dentist won’t be able to rectify with simply a clean. Examples of such problems include teeth which have worn down or are chipped or broken. Your dentist might have noticed that your teeth are misaligned, but veneers could help, says WebMD.

Indeed, you might be reluctant to go as far as arranging for your teeth to be completely replaced, such as with dental implants. In that situation, you might see the appeal of having veneers fitted instead. These slivers of porcelain would go over the teeth’s front surfaces.

Once in place, these veneers can make your smile look as natural and dazzling as before. This is not least because, like your teeth’s usual enamel, they are strong and hardwearing, not to mention have a translucent quality. Provided that your natural teeth are still intact, veneers are an option.

Where could you have veneers fitted?

You might not have to look far to find a dental clinic capable of providing them. You could, for example, book a consultation at one of Ten Dental’s clinics in London. Whether you live in or near Clapham, Wandsworth or Balham in the capital, you wouldn’t have to travel far to attend the consultation where Ten Dental assesses whether veneers would truly be the best option for you.

If the company deems that the answer is yes, Ten Dental can proceed to fit dental veneers which, if well-maintained, could last up to 15 years.