Okay, so first we’ll mention the elephant in the room. You know, that work you can do with your significant other; and yes at the right time, with the right person and practiced safely, it is a great work out – there’s no denying it. But now, that’s out of the way, phew, we’ll move on to some other ideas for fitness activities:   

Take a romantic stroll

Step out on a romantic stroll with your loved one, the crisp, fresh air and change of scenery will help you unwind from the pressures of everyday life and ensure you have a good work out too.

A bicycle made for two

Alternatively, take off on a bicycle ride for two. You may not have a tandem to hand, but you can still enjoy a cycle ride in good company. If you don’t have a bike of your own, look into hiring one locally. Set off and explore the nearby countryside, pack a picnic to enjoy on the way and you may find yourself with an answer to give too.

Dive into water sports

Immerse yourself in water sports, whether you simply pop down to your local swimming pool, take a punt on the cam, try sailing, rowing or white water rafting, there is an infinite number of ways you can work out in water and improve your fitness levels.            

Sign up for a class together

However, there’s nothing like a little friendly rivalry to ensure you have a good work out. So, sign up for an exercise class together and encourage each other on your fitness journey.

A gym buddy

Alternatively, make a date to the gym together.  If one of you is lacking in motivation, the other will buoy you up; and the fact that you’ve made an arrangement will mean you won’t want to let each other down.


Fitbit friendly

Get fitbit friendly and compare notes on your fitness efforts, a little friendly competition will keep you motivated. So whether you go for a moonlit walk to complete your 10,000 steps or simply run up and down the stairs a few times at the end of the day – it will keep you on track for success when it comes to working out.      

Jet off on holiday

A change is as good as a rest, as they say, so jet off on holiday with your loved one, and you’ll be surprised at how much of a work out you’ve had simply exploring your vacation destination.

Whether you’re seeing the sights of a city or taking a look at the countryside on foot, you’ll have a significant amount of exercise, without even being aware of it or making a special effort.

Alternatively, choose a boot camp for your holiday, and you’ll have lots of activities on hand to sample, all in a scenic and luxurious location too, book a Prestige Boot Camp and see.

So there are a few ideas on how you and your significant other can work out together, apart from the obvious of course – now there’s just time left for a romantic meal for two – who knows where it will lead?