Fun runs and races are all the rage these days. Many companies join them to support a cause or to raise funds for a charity. Apart from being able to help the organisers of the event, participating in a race or fun run can also be an excellent team-building activity promoting team spirit and camaraderie. One essential aspect of preparing for a fun run is to ensure that your company has a custom-designed shirt for the event.

A race shirt should be versatile enough that employees will love to wear it while racing and continue to wear it after. Since your company will spend money on these race shirts, the design has to count! Here are tips for making sure that your company race shirt is a winning design.

Select the right shirt for the event

Once you’ve selected a t-shirt and garment printing company to order customised apparel for your company, you’ll need to make sure that you are choosing the right garment suited for the intended activity. A fun run or race is highly physical which means everyone wearing the shirts will be sweating in them. A cotton shirt is not the best option for this because it will eventually become hot and uncomfortable. Instead, opt for dry-fit shirts that ward off moisture and are appropriate for working out. As much as possible, select shirts with fits suitable for ladies and men, but with all these in mind, you also need to ensure that you are working within your company’s budget and not going overboard in selecting the right apparel.  

The shirt design needs to align with the event

Race shirts are often simple, but you can add your spin of creativity in coming up with a design that best embodies your company’s values. The first thing you need to decide on is the colour of the shirt. If different teams within the company are joining, you can order different coloured shirts but use the same design. This will make the event more of a team-building activity and foster a bit of healthy competition. When it comes to the design, avoid cramming too many logos, words and designs onto the shirt. Choose a message that leaves an impact while at the same time remains fun. Don’t forget to design the back of the shirt too!

What message does your company want to convey?

Race shirts can also serve as a means for your company to express a message that relates to the event but stays true to what your company embodies. For example, you can select a theme or create taglines that are fun and memorable. It won’t hurt to think outside the box and allow your creativity to shine through. A race is supposed to be fun for everyone and employees will have time to bond with each other. You need to let the company shirt become part of the experience by designing and selecting the perfect apparel to complement the activity your colleagues are participating in.