Starting university life in an unfamiliar city can force you to meet new people and make new friends. But for many of us, the experience can lead to a little bit of homesickness, and it’s worth staying in touch with the friends you already have back home (or those who’ve gone to different universities). Let’s take a look at how.

Social Media

Almost by default, you’ll remain linked to your closest friends via your social network of choice – whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. While this is an effective means of keeping tabs on everyone you know, it won’t provide you with the same level of interaction that you’re used to. Plus, some of your friends might not be on social media (unthinkable as that might seem to many). You can create a WhatsApp group to keep everyone close together.

Pick up the Phone

A long chat with someone whose conversation you enjoy is a great way to catch up on what’s going on in their life. Schedule a phone call so that you aren’t catching them at a bad time, and get dialling. If you’re studying overseas, then you might find that this is even more essential, as you’ll be having to contend with cultural and language barriers as well as all of the usual university ones. Just be sure that you take time zones into account before you place the call. To make things even more personal, you can opt for a video chat over Wi-Fi.

Send a Package

Nowadays, we’re more connected than ever before. And yet it some ways, it feels like we’ve never been more isolated from one another. As convenient as it might be to communicate using ones and zeros, it isn’t the be-all-and-end-all. If you’re looking to send a message, then nothing quite gets through like something physical.

A gift package is a great way to show someone that you still care about them. If you’re feeling a little bit discomfited by your first few weeks at university, then the chances are that so too are your friends. Put them together a pack of simple gifts and send it unannounced. You don’t need to spend a lot: simple, sentimental items will do the job just as effectively as fancy ones. Send it through a reputable courier like Parcel2Go.

Arrange a Meeting

When you’re back home for Christmas, Easter or Summer, then it follows that so too will all of your friends from high school. Don’t waste this time: find out when you’re all free and arrange a day (or a night) out. Note that there will probably be plenty of commitments to contend with around this time, so be sure to schedule your get-together well in advance.