Our home is a place where we want to feel safe and relaxed. Whether we’ve been at work, out with the children or just got back from a hectic weekend away, there is nothing better than being able to put our feet up and rejuvenate. However, many of us often come home and start thinking about what we can do to make our homes feel more relaxing, or more finished. 

Do you often feel that your house is filled with a mish mash of items? Or perhaps you feel you’ve never really ‘finished’ decorating? If you spend many of your days off scrolling through home interior pages or visiting show homes for some inspiration on how to do up your home, read some of our tips below to see how you can help to make your house look more cohesive. 

Remember that less is more

Try not to fill your home with lots and lots of objects because you think it needs to look ‘finished’. In fact, a lot of the time, less is more. Rather than cram every room with items you don’t like, decorate your home with pieces that do actually bring you joy. If this means that rooms look a bit emptier, that’s okay.

Take inspiration from social platforms

The beauty of social media these days means that we can all get inspiration from our favourite lifestyle bloggers when it comes to things like decorating our homes. For example making a cozy fireplace and buying kiln dried logs for it. Go ahead and do as much research as you like!

Cowhide Rugs make for the perfect flooring


Rather than having walnut hardwood flooring in the living room, white tiles in the kitchen and carpet in the dining room, try and choose one or two materials that can be used throughout the home to help achieve that cohesive look. But if you are a fan of putting something over the floor to stand out, then at least try to match the same asthetics. Something like Cowhide Rug is very popular nowadays, it brings luxury feel to the room and overhaul design.

Purchase different pieces of furniture from the same range

If you’re in need of a set of furniture for the hallway, a coffee table for the living room or a desk for the office, consider buying pieces of furniture from the same range of a company. Once you have found a range that you like, you can continue to add to the items in your house one at a time, as and when you wish. 

Choose one design style and showcase it throughout the house 

No matter whether ‘relaxed beach’, ‘rustic chic’ or ‘glam’ is the vibe you’re going for within your house, ensure that you stick to one design style. Have a think about what taste you prefer and bring an element of it into every room.