It seems that plenty of us are not shy about confessing to taking longer than they need to in the bathroom, mainly because it happens to be a great place to hide away and waste some time with some entertaining apps on your phone.

The days of taking a newspaper in for your visit to “the throne” are long gone and our phone is the companion of choice if you want to while away some extra minutes.

If you are amongst the estimated two-thirds of us who take their smartphone to the bathroom, here are some apps that will entertain you more than an out of date magazine. There is a chance for quiz fans to further their knowledge, a way to enjoy art, plus an app that seems perfect for quick updates, and a way to find what you want to read in the bathroom.

Serious studying in the smallest room

If someone else in the house questions why you are taking your smartphone into the toilet you can tell them that you are carrying out some serious research while you are in there.

It would be stretching it a bit to describe an app like QuizUp as a serious research project, but if you are quiz fan and want to sharpen your skills to competition level, there are plenty of trivia questions to try and answer successfully.

You can even take on other random users who want to play against you, although best not to tell them where you are competing from!

Get creative

If you want to relax and clear your mind while you are enjoying a relaxing bath or taking care of other business in the bathroom, there is an app that could help you to do that.

You will obviously need to be careful about using a phone around water so think about that when you are in the bath, but you might want to learn more about the Mandala Coloring Book app and enjoy the opportunity to calm yourself with some creative coloring.

Made for toilet time

The creators of Instagram probably won’t be pleased to receive that accolade but the truth is you can manage to fit in an amazing amount of comments and likes in the average time you might spend taking a bathroom break.

A little word of warning

If you are going to be using your smartphone on the toilet do remember to give it a regular clean. A worrying amount of phones have been found to have traces of poop on them, so no matter how fastidious you are in washing your hands afterward, don’t to give your phone the same treatment.

Decent reading material

If you do want to take a more traditional approach to making the most of your comfort break time, there is an app that helps you to find stories and content that you will want to read.

StumbleUpon is the app in question, and once you get into it the app will take note of your preferences and filter recommendations onto your reading list so you can scroll through and find something you like.

There are loads of great apps to enjoy while you are in the bathroom and the only real problem to think about is the fact that you might end up taking longer than usual taking care of business if you find the entertainment hard to put down.