Shopping for fashion can be both therapy and also time consuming. And if you haven’t got the time to shop for a holiday wardrobe, a gala outfit or a new suit, then it might be time to let the professionals offer a helping hand. Have you considered a fashion concierge service?


What is a concierge service?

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel, you’ve probably heard of the concierge. It’s basically an employee to whom you can go for booking anything, from airport shuttles to tables at a restaurant. But nowadays, there are concierges for everything. No longer just the domain of the rich and privileged, too busy to organise their own holidays. The concierge business has developed into niche sectors to cover every base: there are errand services, home management, house sitting, personal assistance, pet care, tech support, travel, transport and even casino concierges.

That’s right, even online casino operators like Mr Green Co offer customers an enhanced service at their Club Royale, with bespoke promotions and travel experiences. It’s a kind of VIP membership unlocking even more entertainment opportunities than a usual online gaming company. Fitting really from such a distinguished gentleman, still rocking it in a green bowler.

So why not take advantage of how this kind of concierge service can help expand your wardrobe too, because there’s a race on for fashion companies looking to entice their consumers to spend more and offer a holy grail of value-added service in the business of fashion. Here are five of the best fashion concierge services you can try.

1. Fashion Concierge by Lina Sych

Fashion Concierge offers access to buyers, designers and boutique owners. They organise shipping both in the UK and overseas. They even offer international shopping excursions, which might include visits to designer boutiques and showrooms. Their staff are all fashion industry experts trained to help clients select outfits and fashion wear. Their review service casts a keen eye on your wardrobe to stay on track with fashion trends to keep your wardrobe functional, fashionable and contemporary.

2. Brand Resort

A London-based company that offers access to contemporary fashion requirements for clients worldwide. This company specialises in hard to find or sold-out fashion items, to ensure that whatever you choose, it will be exclusive and unique. It prides itself on being able to source from luxury retailers around the world as well as being able to source exclusive fashion pre-orders from both existing and up-and-coming brands and designers.

3. Threads

Threads like to be able to say they can track down any request, from clothing to jewellery, including bespoke couture or trendy streetwear. One of the most innovative features is how they use their tech, specifically their chat commerce platform. If traditional fashion is sold through e-commerce, then Threads see themselves as engineering a new form of commerce. They’ll engage through WhatsApp or WeChat to discover exactly what a client wants wherever they are. Basically, a social-inspired luxury fashion provider.

4. VIP Luxury Service

With this fashion concierge service, a personal shopper is assigned to you along with your very own stylist. Through email and telephone, they take care of every step in the buying process to help select clothing, gifts and outfits. VIP have exclusive agreements in place with various fashion brands to offer those hard-to-find items not always found on fashion websites. It still goes by the adage ‘what’s hot and what is not’ when advising on fashion and styling requirements.

5. Matches Fashion

This 24/7 complimentary fashion concierge offers buying advice, wardrobe creation and a team of dedicated fashion insiders. Choosing from offer 450 fashion houses and designers, this service is based in Mayfair in London – renowned for being a hub for the most elegant, high-class businesses – and delivers all around the world. Catering for both men and women they present themselves as sustainable, highlighting ethical practices in their business partnerships.

Whatever kind of service is needed, a fashion concierge can certainly take the weight and the pressure of searching, comparing and buying up-to-date, fashionable attire. It might be time to try one out and experience fashion and shopping without the hassle.