Odds are, you are sitting down whilst you read this article. More than that, if you are working from an office, you are likely to be sitting for more than 8 long hours today, maybe more.

We have flitted from one office fad to another in the quest to prevent premature aging and heart failure, linked to being sedentary. From gym balls to floor cushions, and in recent time no chairs whatsoever, just the option to stand at your work station.

It now seems that neither just standing or just sitting for the entire working day is the best option for our bodies or minds. In fact banishing your office chair in favour of a bouncy ball could be doing you more harm than good.

Experts now tell us that a balance between the two options is where perfection lies, chose a desk that is adjustable, so that you can opt to either sit or stand throughout the day. There are plenty of office desks available on the market now that offer this feature. Desks that have electronic or airlifts are simple to adjust.

Even more important though is your office chair. Long gone is the humble straight backed plastic offering, in its place the ergonomically designed masterpieces such as Herman Miller’s famous Aeron Chair or the innovative Humanscale Diffrient chair.

What exactly is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics in the simplest terms is using science to help design objects within the working environment that support your natural movement, making them efficient and comfortable. An ergonomically designed office chair provides support for your body in a way that a conventional office chair does not.

What to look for in your new office chair?

Ideally opt for an ergonomic office chair that will support your body.
Purchase a chair that is fully adjustable, including the seat tilt and back.
Ensure the armrests will not prevent you from getting close enough to your desk, or you will be sitting too far forward in the chair and will lose the lumbar support it gives.

Remember, even if you have purchased the most comfortable chair in the world, you still need to take regular breaks from your seat.