On average we spend over 2 hours per day using the internet on our mobile phones, according to Statista. Whether you spend this time on social media, shopping or researching you will be triggering cookies and sharing your data detox. But as of 2017 new GDPR rules (General Data Protection Regulation) helped to strengthen data protection laws in the UK and Europe. Part of this update in the law means that any individual can contact a company and ask for access to the data they hold on them and request it be deleted.

Firstly, you must know what details each brand actually holds about you and luckily for us Rightly have created some amazing visuals to help us understand this information. According to the visual below, asos know your name, age, gender, email, home address and much more. Whereas Amazon and ebay know a lot less offline information but fully understand your individual site usage.

data detox

With more and more brands being able to understand us on a personal level and with everyone spending more time virtually, how do we even begin a data detox?

Why take a data detox?

Before we look at the steps to a data detox, lets understand why this may be good for you. A data detox can help you understand exactly which brands hold personal details about you, putting you in control. This can be good for your wellbeing and overall mental health as you have more control over what you see and do online which ensures you lead a healthy digital lifestyle.

Three Steps to a data detox

data detox

Firstly, make a list of the brands and apps you have signed up to. Try looking through your emails to identify newsletter subscriptions and your apps to find out which brands you have access to all the time!

Secondly, take this list and highlight the brands that concern you most.

Then, you can work with companies such as Rightly to request data information and start to unsubscribe from the brands you no longer want to be associated with.

For more insight into starting your data detox head on over to Rightly and join the conversation #MappingMyData