Running a business can be tough, but it is made a lot tougher if you have clients that slow you down, mess you around, or simply affect your cash flow. The very worst clients usually fall into the following two categories. If the clients keep cropping up, you need some avoidance strategies, or at least a ‘bad client checklist’ to make it easier on yourself and your business.

The client who goes missing

This is a particularly common type of client or customer that, if you have enough instances where this kind of thing happens, you will be thoroughly sick of them and learn to avoid.

Running a business and being an entrepreneur in general is all about making sure that you meet deadlines and provide value to your industry. If you have a client who seems to be enthusiastic and ready for what you’re selling, only to go missing for three weeks after agreeing to buy, there is a clear problem client right there.

This kind of client may be one that pays and lets you start work, but then isn’t available for any kind of project discussions for a month. Yes, the payment is there, but you can’t continue and meet the deadline because the client has simply disappeared.

One way to deal with this is to set up a contract that stipulates exactly what type of communication you should be expecting from day one. The parameters of the project are laid out, and deadlines made clear. These ‘milestones’ will keep the client focused and able to offer feedback when you need it the most.

The client who ‘could do it easily’ herself

This is becoming more common as skills become fluid and obtainable online. If you run a design company, for example, you may get the client saying that they could do the work themselves, but they just need to hire someone to free up time.

This might be the case. But that doesn’t mean that they should be able to call you and check up on you outside office hours. They are not your employer and they definitely aren’t running your company.

It’s infuriating stuff. Because of their belief that they could do it, they are picking apart the work you do, and criticising it, because they cannot accept the fact that you are good at what you do, and have been doing this stuff for years.

More milestones and clear parameters for communication are what is needed, and that again is something that can be dealt with at contract stage.

The worst part is when you are definitely on your own time and playing. You might be with family, or having fun online with a site such as maria casino, and the last thing you want from a client is to be called and be ‘just checking in on’ by them.

Those are two of the worst kinds of clients or customers a business can have. Avoid, and focus on contracts and setting parameters. It makes your life so much easier.