When it comes to delicious Scotch, the need for patience is required in order to benefit from that fantastic, oaky taste. The maturation process surrounding Scotch is necessary to really build the body, flavor, and elegance of the taste. In addition, the longer the scotch is matured, the greater in value the beverage has. It is an intriguing and delicate process that encompasses the utter allure and luxurious appeal of a great Scotch.

Glenlivet 21 is a remarkable compilation of maturity and flavor that promises to deliver when it comes to taste. Deemed the “water of life”, Scotch whiskey has been known to bring about a certain vibe of relaxation and elegance that has been used for centuries on end.

Scotch Whiskey: Is it Worth the Wait?

Scotch is so revered because of its minimum maturation age. A quality scotch must be aged least 12 years old in order for it to build its body, flavor, and distinction. Scotch in particular can be aged up to 50 years old! The length of time and quality of the cask has a great deal to do with the development of this beverage. Typically, 10 to 20 years are the most sought after scotch as they carry the best flavor and value.

The Distilling Process

If you visit any distillery, the process of making a quality spirit is lengthy. There are specific temperatures and chemical processes involved in creating a legendary beverage. Whiskey first undergoes a malting process. This involves barley being mixed with water and then spread out to germinate. This week-long process activates the starches and enzymes found within the compound. Next, the malt is mashed and mixed with hot water. After the process, fermentation occurs by adding yeast. As the yeast begins to eat the sugars, alcohol is formed. After two days, this alcohol substance is then distilled in order to remove additional toxins. The shape of the pot directly affects whiskey and is standard across all distilleries. Finally, the spirit is then placed into an oak or wooden cask to age. The longer the liquid sits in the barrel, the more oaky, woodsy, and fruity flavors it soaks up. This is what makes the aging process lengthy yet important.

Glenlivet 21, the “Sean Connery of whiskeys.”

This illustrious spirit has been described as “sexy, rich, and debonair.” Its palate is spicy and filled with a wealth of body that resembles warm syrup. The 21-year crafting process is evident in its bold, yet flavorful notes of Amber fruits and nuts. What makes this Scotch special is the strict attention to detail utilized by the creators. Each cask that the spirit rests in was hand selected and filled with subtle variations of notes. Some batches may have more cinnamon and ginger while others speak to the fruitful, sherry finishes. Since this drink has such a warm taste, it is best paired with a deluxe chocolate cake topped with fruits or other rich desserts. Its distinct flavor palate and bouquet makes this valuable gem well worth the two-decade wait!