As you’re probably aware there are lots of challenges with trying to record good video footage while you’re traveling. The unpredictable (and often less than ideal) conditions can and will get in your way.

That is why it is important that you take what steps you can to help ensure you are able to record the best possible travel video footage that you can:

  • Record at a high frame rate to make your video look smoother. Ideally you should try to aim for a frame rate of 30 or higher – though 60 would be a big improvement.
  • Try to plan around the lighting and if possible record videos during the golden hour. The lighting conditions during that period are extremely good, and will ensure that your videos look amazing.
  • Get a good external microphone if you’re planning to record audio. It may help to get the right type of microphone, such as a shotgun mic to record audio from a specific direction, or a lavalier microphone if you want to clip it on to your clothes.
  • Keep the video camera stable while you are recording your video. It can be tough to do that with your hands, and having a portable tripod with you would be a good idea – though you may not always have the time to set it up.
  • Focus on the story behind the subject to make your travel video more interesting. Don’t just look for interesting subjects, but look for subjects with interesting stories.
  • Capture motion in your shots to make them feel more alive and give them greater emotional weight. That can be done by either finding scenes to record with motion in them, or by moving your camera (while keeping it stable, of course).
  • Take a moment to frame every shot and use composition techniques such as the rule of thirds. The better you frame your shots the more meaningful and impactful they can be.
  • Capture a diverse range of footage so that you have lots of material to work with later. At the same time you should make sure that you capture the right shots if you want to compile it into a travel video when you’re back.

If you capture travel video footage with the help of the tips listed above, you should end up with some high quality and impressive-looking videos. In fact the footage that you’ve recorded should be good enough that all that it needs is a bit of editing to turn it into an impressive travel video. 

At the end of the day there is no substitute for experience, which is why it is important that you start to practice using the tips listed above – sooner rather than later. To be perfectly honest you don’t even need to wait for your next trip, and can just start recording videos to practice whenever you happen to be free.