Sri Lanka is an island that has so much to offer as a holiday destination.  Home to exotic beaches, roaming countryside, beautiful wildlife, yummy food and a country just oozing with history and culture. With eight hours of sunshine a day, there will be plenty of time exploring the many UNESCO World Heritage sites or just sit and drink a cocktail while topping up your tan.  On the west of the island alongside the fishing towns, a string of high-end luxury hotels has sprung up for tourists. The south coast is more traditional and is home to smaller boutiques and annual literary festivals.

Top Things to Do

There are lots of things to do on holiday in Sri Lanka especially for those who like an adventure.  For those who like more of an active holiday, they can try Kayaking and rafting in the wilderness in Mahaweli river.  Or maybe cycling is more your thing! Why not try cycling from the hills at Ella down to the plantation at Kataragama?  Buddhism is part and parcel of the culture in Sri Lanka, and you will be able to experience some of the zen-like oneness at the Temple of the Tooth. When visiting Sigiriya you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of Sri Lanka’s beautiful ancient artwork on rockface above which sits a 5th-century palace. After all the day’s adventures, you will want to relax with an Ayurvedic spa treatment, and there is none better than a Shirodhara where warm oils are poured continuously onto your forehead.


Going shopping in Sri Lanka is a world away from the hectic city shopping in a UK city. At the Galle Fort, there will be a vast selection of blue sapphire jewellery, a Sri Lanka speciality.  Around the island, you will also find a collection of boutiques offering visitors the chance to buy handwoven white lace or cotton Salwar Kameez. In the capital Colombo, you will find the Pettah Market where you will be able to buy a taste of Sri Lanka in the form of Ceylon Tea or some fresh cinnamon.  


The best place to go for a vibrant nightlife is the capital, Colombo.  Colombo has many luxury hotels, these tend to be where you will find live performances including bands and DJ’s.  Visitors in Hikkaduwa will also be able to party the night away at one of the areas beach bars. Tourists should also keep their eyes peeled for traditional Sri Lanka nights where performers will entertain crowds in their native masks and robes. It is something to behold.


Sri Lanka is a seafood lovers paradise.  Fishing towns throughout the country keep the restaurants well stocked with the freshest fish.  Spices and coconut dominate the flavours of Sri Lanka giving the food a real kick. A speciality in Sri Lanka is the tom yang soup with lemongrass, a must for every person v