If you think you can put together a perfect outfit without considering your socks as part of it, you couldn’t be more wrong. Also, if you’re one of those who leave their apartment with mismatched socks with little holes in them, stop deceiving yourself – with most pants that fit you properly, your socks will definitely be visible while sitting. However tiny and unimportant they may seem, socks play a vital role in the final look of the outfit.  

Additionally, sometimes it can be difficult to put your personality on display, especially if there is a strict dress code at school or your workplace. This is where socks come to the rescue! You could be wearing the most basic clothing items, but still maintain your unique style with a signature pair of socks. Below we tried to decode what your each sock style says about one’s personality, so take a look at your sock drawer first, and then keep on reading for some sock style inspiration.

  • Stripes

From classy black and white stripes to the colorful diagonal alternative, this design is perfect for a finishing outfit touch in the form of socks and it says a lot about the owner. You’re most probably a staunch believer in planners, great at time management and a natural born leader. Furthermore, there is also a high possibility your zodiac sign is Virgo. Also, you like to rock at every party just as much as you’re rocking the sock game.

  • Floral design

If you’re looking for flowers or hearts when buying women’s socks, you’re undoubtedly a sensitive soul, a dreamer, a hopeless romantic. You’re caring and loving and hence a sucker for soft tones, cozy feelings and soothing floral designs. Floral socks reveal much more about you than you realize, including your guilty pleasures like sappy movies and country music.

  • Eccentric patterns

A not-so-humble pair of socks such as those with quirky patterns and eccentric designs attract looks and make you stand out in the crowd. These are usually the choice of individuals with a strong personality they’re ready to show off on any occasion. Those who know you and those who don’t will easily recognize your passion for life. You’re eccentric, competent, successful and visibly happy with yourself and your colorful socks.

  • Polka dots

Especially popular among women, polka dots design is characteristic for easygoing natured introverts. They display your shy, yet confident, positive and creative personality. Get polka dot socks to complete your innocent breezy dress look for this spring.

  • Personalized custom socks

The bold and the brave will choose personalized socks, because they’re not afraid to show their interests, passion or any type of affiliation to the whole world out there. There are tons of ways and websites you can order custom logo socks from, and make sure your footwear is as unique as you are.

  • White

For those who prefer their sock style to be more conservative, white is the one and only option. These individuals are those of strong character, with positive energy and keen on playing it safe with fashion. Moreover, white socks are symbols of sports, and very often the choice of athletes both on and off the courtyard. However, although white looks good and stylish in most combinations, as does its convenience in general, don’t be afraid to add a bit of color and randomness to your life sometimes.

  • Black

You’re either at the very beginning of developing your sock style, starting with inconspicuous black or navy before getting a little more adventurous, or you’re a traditional type who will stick with the basics. You’re most probably an individual with a strong affiliation for order, structure and rules and you prefer to work in a formal environment. However, going crazy from time to time with fancy lilac color peeking underneath your trousers could be your healthy deviation from structure.

And if you’re still not sure under which category you fall, take a quick online test and find out. Ironically, the most underrated clothing item can be the key to your outfit as well as your personality display, so don’t let it be the Achilles heel of your style. Moreover, try to experiment a little and get out of your safe sock comfort zone.