As we have said on different occasions, the blue jean is a perfect garment for all occasions. However, do you know how to wear a perfect tail with a jean?

The first thing to make clear is that you must wear one that makes you feel comfortable, stylish, sensual … And of course: when you see the bottom looking good! And for this, you have at your disposal the famous Colombian jeans tail lifts, which fit perfectly to your figure and make you show an enviable body.

If you don’t like to go to the gym for hours to strengthen your buttocks, we advise you to take into account these recommendations to steal the attention in the street:

Try to buy appropriate women’s underwear

Even if it doesn’t look like a big of a deal, you should not underestimate the choice of underwear. In fact, you should choose some of the right size: they can’t too big nor too small. Why? They will deprive the natural shape of your backside and make those horrible lines that mark your butt.

Choose tight jeans

If you are in between two size, make sure of always choosing the smaller one. There are two main reasons: one, loose pants will hide your back, and the ones that take over will be your legs. The second reason is that after few washes they tend to stretch out.

Dark jeans vs. light jeans? 

Whether choosing a lighter colour of trousers or a darker one, it really depends on the occasion… both are ideal. However, the dark ones will make your buttocks look prettier and bigger and lighter one may risk to create a wider effect.

Choose to buy corset blouses

If one of the strengths that you would like to highlight is your waist, then corsets kind of blouses are right for you: they will pronounce your waist and give volume to your buttocks.

Accept the back pockets

Believe it or not, these pockets give strength to your butt and help shape it. How?

Take an example Freddy push up trousers, they perfectly shapes the waist, thighs and hips thanks not only the high quality of the fabric, but also to the reinforcements that have been applied in strategic position, on your butt. These trousers are made of exclusive 100% bi-elastic denim jersey that defines the shape, lifts the B-side and wraps you like a second skin. So they are perfect to sculpting the hips, keeping the trousers high and in place with a special silicone band. 

Try to buy jeans at the waist or medium height:

Lower waist jeans are not an option because they won’t give your butt adequate “space”. Surely the most high waist they are the better your butt will look. Always choose those with good height.

 Buy medium draught jeans

Combine your jeans with high heels or shoes… This will give more prominence to your backside.

Remember that Freddy push up trousers are made with very good materials that allow you to keep your gluteus in their natural shape but in turn, they give a unique shape to the anatomy of your body.