Lots of people believe that you can never have too many pairs of cool shoes. There is such a big market for shoes these days that shoe manufacturers often offer dozens of models and color schemes with a single brand. There are styles for every sport and outdoor activity. Thankfully, you don’t need to be a pro runner to wear running shoes or able to do skateboard tricks to wear a cool pair of skater shoes. No matter your favorite styles, here are some tips on getting great deals on all the top brands of athletic shoes.

  • Shop the Amazon.co.uk website. Amazon is now the world’s largest retailer. Their prices are often better than other retailers, because sell for and provide warehousing and shipping for products from every major shoe brand, on behalf of multiple retailers. Retailers who sell the same products compete with each other for customers, driving the price down. The retailers can offer lower prices on Amazon because of the money they save by letting Amazon deal with shipping and customer service.
  • Use the comparative shopping tool at Google. Instead of doing a regular Google search, hit the “Shopping” button on search results. Then sort your results by price, from low to high. This will put the best prices at the top of the list.
  • Try shoes on in stores, to check fit and feel, then buy them online if the price is cheaper. Look up the price on your smartphone while in the store. If you find a much better price, ask a clerk or manager if they will match the price. Chances are that they will and you can buy them on the spot. If you know that the manufacturer has a color that is not available on the shelves, ask if they can order the color you want for you at the same price. Buying locally will help your community.
  • Make use of Groupon discount codes. They have special exclusive sales and percentage off discounts for top retailers like Surfdome, where you can shop a great variety of name brands and styles.
  • Save by joining newsletters. Join the newsletters for your favorite retailers. They will reward you with coupon codes or special newsletter-only sales.

Follow these tips for big time savings. Combine sales with other savings, like Groupon codes, use cash-back credit cards and loyalty card points to multiply your savings.