Everyone loves to wear shorts in the summertime, right? It’s a doggone shame that doing so can pose a variety of problems to the women who wear them. Wondering what those problems are and how to solve them? In the interest of happy legs and wonderful summers everywhere, we are pleased to present a few summertime shorts solutions.

Problems associated with shorts

Chafing thighs, saggy bottoms, and “ride-up” are common complaints amongst women who wear shorts in the summertime. Sometimes, one shorts leg rides up more than the other, or even worse– an uncomfortable “camel toe” comes into view, explains Cosmopolitan magazine. Wrinkled fronts and overflowing “muffin tops” are also experienced by many, many women who don short pants in warm weather. Some of these issues can be resolved by going up a size. Some solutions require a tad more creativity.

Quick fixes for chafing issues

Got chubby thighs? Lots of women do, and they find relief in a number of clever ways. Diaper rash medications such as Desitin work wonders for some ladies with ample thighs that chafe in summer shorts. We know of a better solution. Lacy summer undershorts and lace shorts extenders are a lingerie-like option that adds pizzazz to any pair of shorts, and they are pretty good at preventing annoying summertime leg chafing, as well, says XO Jane magazine.

Women who wish to thwart thigh-chafing without added garments will want to check out a few products designed to alleviate skin-to-skin irritation. Explore sports departments and athletic supply stores for balms formulated to prevent a little-known but unbearable irritation called “runner’s nipple.”  The old standby trick of cornstarch is not totally effective when wearing super-short shorts. Go for a pair of pretty pair of lace undershorts that extend a few inches below the cuff of your favourite shorts, and be done with summertime chafing forever.

More fixable shorts problems

If your underwear shows through your shorts, you can switch to neutral lingerie, wear panties the same colour as your shorts, or simply go commando. Keep in mind that tight shorts should be made of bulkier fabric than looser fitting garments if you wish to keep your underwear unseen. Again, a well-made pair of lacy shorts extenders can solve this little problem in a jiffy.

If your favourite pair of shorts looks too much like pyjamas, find a new favourite pair. Go for shorts that zip in lieu of shorts closed by a drawstring. A pair of dark blue denim shorts over an appealing pair of lacy extenders provides a well dressed albeit entirely casual look. Denim’s also the right choice if wrinkled shorts displease you. Should a muffin top cause you summertime woe, select shorts with a high waist that covers a multitude of late night cheeseburgers.

Now that summer is here, grab a pair of comfortable shorts that make you feel great and head to the seaside, amusement park, or national park. Summers never last as we want them to, so the time to enjoy them is now.