Wedding planning can be a time of utter bliss or dreadful stress. From choosing your bridesmaids’ dresses to picking out table covers, the to-do list can seem endless.

In fact, 96% of wedding planners say that planning their big day is “extremely stressful.” Almost half of surveyed couples even want to ditch the big day and get married at the courthouse!

Former brides and wedding planners know the importance of creating a solid agenda surrounding the big day. The common must-haves such as a DJ, guest list, and food options are all pretty standard. In fact, they are usually the first aspects of the wedding that the bride and groom plan. However, since the magic of the perfect wedding day is surrounded by making sure everything is complete, there are a few minor must-haves that each bride and wedding planner should know.

  • Emergency Kit

From headache remedies to extra deodorant, the emergency kit is a bride essential. Although a bride can plan for the perfect day, there will still be minor bumps in the road that occur. DIY emergency kits will help to alleviate any possible issues that could come about. Some items to include are:

  • Toothpaste/Toothbrush/Mints
  • Bobby Pins and Hair Ties
  • Phone Charger
  • Pain Medicine (headache or stomach relief)
  • Snacks, specifically chocolate!


  • Back-Up Accessories

The last thing a bride wants to deal with is missing earring backs or lost jewels. Plan ahead and bring emergency accessories that go with your dress. This can even be in the form of additional belts, hair pieces, or jewelry. Many brides have also found it useful to bring small clutches to hold their personal belongings.

  • Transportation From the Venue

Many bridal parties are driven from one destination to another in a rented car or limo. However, some forget to schedule transportation from the reception to the hotel. This car should have your belongings and honeymoon bags packed! Perhaps a friend or family member can handle your post party transportation ahead of time to make the process easier.

  • Personal Snacks and Water

The wedding morning can be filled with butterflies, pictures, and running errands. Often times, brides get so consumed with the day, they don’t eat until the reception. Since the wedding day is extremely long, it is recommended to have a few handy snacks and water available to keep you going throughout the day.

  • Comfortable Shoes

Wedding nights are full of tons of dancing and walking. Instead of being uncomfortable on the dance floor, pack a pair of back-up shoes that you can comfortably dance the night away in. Many brides find jazzy flats and sandals that even match their dress!

  • Safety Pins

Safety pins are handy accessories to have when the unthinkable happens. A tangled bustle, ripped dress, or even bouquet obstacle are no match for the power of the safety pin. Invisible and flesh colored ones are even available to make the process seamless.

  • Vendor Meals

Photographers and videographers are with you and your bridal party from the beginning of your day right until the end. Often times, it can be easy to forget their needs! Plan ahead and order specially designated meals for your hardworking vendors. The fantastic staff from Villa Russo can help to make sure this aspect of your day is smooth. This will also ensure that your vendors are happy and can perform their best work.

Your big day is full of love and excitement! While planning for every aspect of the event, don’t neglect the minor details that will help to turn your day from stressful to seamless.