The only downside that really costs you when you want to start a family, or add to one, is the inevitable decision of upsizing where you live. Gone are the days where kids will happily accept sharing a bedroom with more than one sibling and no matter how hard you try, you can’t fit a triple bunk bed in a room (probably good for safety reasons anyway). So we decided to bite the bullet and look into selling our precious family home – firstly through an online agency and then finally through recognised local estate agents in Borehamwood, London.


   Now I’m sure you’ve all seen those adverts on the TV encouraging people to sell their own houses, and just like the majority of people we were cash-conscious and wanted to reduce our outgoings in as many places as possible – nominally estate agency fees. So we signed up and started the inevitable process of listing our property, which was fine in itself, but it wasn’t long till the problems came thick and fast and we found ourselves doing the entire job ourselves. Firstly, there wasn’t just one person talking to us – there were several … none of which ever seemed to talk to the other, which wasn’t great when they listed us in the wrong town! Then we had our first viewing turn up outside our house, only to find themselves un-greeted by an appointed agent and in the end, walking away. Next, having requested feedback on what the second viewers had thought – we were told that they did not leave any response … which is something apparently the company prided itself on ensuring to get. Finally, and this was my last straw, they recommended I reduced the price of my property – despite others on my road selling for more – and despite the inevitable ABOVE asking price I received when I went through the agency, all of which nearly led me to lose the reservation I had on my new build!


   All in all, I had wasted weeks upon weeks of my time, taken 5 days off work (unpaid!) and had to pay the DIY cowboys nearly £1,000 for their useless service. But thankfully all was not lost, a friend of mine had recommended a local company on Facebook and the main guy seemed to have a ton of good feedback, and I gave him a call. My house was back on the market in minutes – across all major sites like RightMove to boot – and I had 6 viewing in the first 8 days! By day 9 I had accepted an above-asking price cash offer and have just completed and moved into my nice shiny new house. Sod the do it yourself way, I ended up with £3000 profit even after the agency fees and could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary stress. Lesson learnt!