It’s about that time of year where you’re either looking to book or have already booked your big holiday this summer. For most of us, that means seven days of sun and sea on one of mainland Europe’s pretty resorts, and a jolly good time we will have.

But what if you had a bit more cash to splash? What if you could plan the ultimate trip away? And by the way, we’re not talking ultimate like ‘room by the swimming pool and eat at a restaurant every night’ ultimate, we’re aiming more towards ‘what would your average billionaire playboy do?’ ultimate.

The core principles of such a luxury trip come down to three things: how you travel, where you stay and where you go. So, where to start?

Travel in Style

Anyone worth their salt in the world of the wealthy won’t fly via anything other than private jet, but chartered private flights are steadily becoming more accessible to the general population, with the likes of empty leg flights offering better value solutions for us average Joes.

Private jets are the ultimate in luxury, indulgence and convenience. Fly to and from anywhere you like, no check-in process or waiting around and all the comforts you could want to enjoy on board, plus there’ll be someone waiting to pick you up on arrival.

Once you’ve touched down at your destination, you might want to think about car rental as well, but not the usual kind. Luxury car rentals are available at all of the world’s top destinations, meaning you’ll always be travelling in style.

The Six-Star Hotel?

OK, this is a slightly misleading title because six-star hotels aren’t really a thing. But we all know there’s levels to the game when it comes to five-star hotels. Worldwide, five-star hotels can start at as little as $40 a night, ranging through to a cool $80,000 for a one day stay in The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson in Switzerland.

Back in the realms of reality, you can expect to stay in some of the top hotels around the world for a few hundred pounds a night. For example, La Mamounia in Morocco – which was number one in Conde Nast’s ‘best hotels in the world’ last year – will set you back around £300-£400 a night in the summer.

The Billionaire Destinations

Of course, for all the luxury travel and beautiful places to stay, the location dictates how good your holiday will be, but where are the billionaires headed?

According to Business Insider, the mega-rich are heading off to their destinations of choice for months on end to enjoy super-extended stays. While you might only be able to spend a week or a few days there, here are a few of the places you can be rubbing shoulders with the rich and the famous in 2019:

  • The Seychelles: For your idyllic paradise type getaway, the Seychelles’ islands boast a particularly luxurious option. Set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the North Island plays host to an ultra-exclusive guestlist over the year.


  • Japan: One type of travel not mentioned above was train, but Japan’s Twilight Express Mizukaze offers a two-night trip in its top room for a mere $22,000. There’s plenty of luxury options across the country away from the tracks, however, and Japan offers travellers a truly different world to experience.


  • Egypt: Apparently, Egypt is the place to be this summer, with the location tripling in popularity in the last year. For premium travellers, the Steam Ship Sudan cruise offers the chance to sail down the Nile whilst stopping at various points to view Egypt’s rich heritage of world-renowned archaeological sites.

Yes, you might be spending big money, but sampling the high life is a must for any luxury travel experience. Whether it’s a beautiful beach getaway or an extravagant adventure into another culture, the ‘ultimate’ holiday is the only way to go this year.