With summer right around the corner and the weather turning for the better, there has never been a better time to start to plan for your first garden party of the year. The grass is fresh, the flowers are bursting into life and you know it will be a dry weekend, so what are you waiting for?

If you want to make the most of your weekend party, here’s our tips for success.

Cut The Grass Early

You know you will have to cut the grass before everyone arrives. Even if you only cut it the weekend before, you will still want to top it off. Don’t leave this until the morning of your party, you will have far too many other things to do then. You can get the garden looking supreme the night before and then not have to worry about the time-consuming mowing.

Plan For Wet Weather

If you remember wet-play times at school, you will see that the teachers always had a box of tricks up their sleeves to ensure that they got a break. If you are smart, you will have your own box of tricks ready just in case the rain clouds come overhead and everyone is forced inside. Setting up some table games is an easy solution to your problems and even if it doesn’t rain, some people might enjoy a few spins of roulette. You can read more here if it is something that you consider doing.

Keep The Music In Your Garden

Okay, so we know this one can’t really happen, but you can at least try. Moving your speakers to the edge of your garden and facing them in towards your house, will help to limit the spread of music into your neighbours. Alternatively, just make sure you invite the neighbours and then they won’t have any need to complain.

Have Shaded Areas

In the most unlikely event that the British summer decides to show up at your party, you will need to have somewhere outside where your guests can get out of the sun. Lobsters are great at fancy dress parties, but not when they are sunburnt friends. A gazebo or parasols could be easy solutions and they have the added benefit of being able to be moved around with the sun.

Have Some Lighter Drinks

A few glasses of wine and a pint or two of beer are very welcome relief right at the start of any party, but later on in the day you might just be hankering for something a little lighter. Try offering out some Bucks Fizz, Pimms or even just a long Gin and Tonic. These will be especially welcome if it is a hot and sunny day.

Your first garden party of the year, will set the tone for the rest of the parties. Following our four simple steps will help to make sure that you don’t have any embarrassing slips or forget to provide a range of drinks to keep all of your guests happy.