There are a number of issues which can be effectively addressed by reputable data recovery companies. These experts are equipped to tackle complicated problems such as damaged hard drives, incorrect formatting and accidentally deleted files. However, can you restore the data on your phone after a factory reset has taken place? This is an important question, so let’s take a quick look at your options as well as the chances that any important information is able to be restored.

Factory Resets in Relation to Data Recovery

There are many reasons why a factory reset may have been performed. The main purpose is to restore a phone to its original settings (when it was shipped by the manufacturer). Factory resets can often address issues such as performance problems, bugs and malware. However, the other side of the coin involves the recovery of your personal data. Assuming that you have not backed up this information on an external device such as a USB memory stick, what can you do and how does the recovery process work?

The Role of Third-Party Recovery Firms

Phone recovery can be tricky; especially if you were unable to back up your existing files before a factory reset. While existing applications will remain intact, other information will no longer be visible. This includes:

  • Names and contact information.
  • Images and media files.
  • Call logs.
  • Any details stored within the internal flash drive.

Recovering this data normally entails examining the raw information contained within the phone from a bit-by-bit approach. In other words, each discrete section of the phone will be scanned and this information will then be “unlocked” in order to build up a duplicate image. The image can thereafter be restored; saving data that would have otherwise remained hidden from view (perhaps permanently).

The Unique Aspects of Recovering Data After a Factory Reset

We should point out that there are fundamental disparities between standard Mac data recovery (such as if you bring in a laptop to be serviced) and recoveries involving mobile devices. This arises from the fact that phones store information differently and normally engineers will need to perform several additional steps in order to retrieve as much information as possible. As opposed to dealing with corrupted files or an error within a partition, a factory reset has essentially “wiped” the entire system and returned it to its original state. Thus, the process may take longer and there are chances that not all details will be able to be salvaged.

Putting it All Together

Assuming that you have performed a factory reset, the chances are high that you will be able to retrieve lost data. However, this depends upon the type of phone as well as the unique situation. The best solution is to consult with a professional recovery team. They will be able to determine what steps need to be taken as well as the chances that your information can be successfully restored to its previous state.