The holiday season is best spent with family and friends. It is usually a time when everyone is in the spirit of giving and sharing their abundance with others. One thing that many look forward to during the holidays is to receive gifts from their loved ones. But finding the perfect gift is not always easy. If you are looking for the ideal present for a special woman in your life, you can never go wrong with jewellery. And not any simple jewellery will do. Every woman needs to have pearl jewellery in her collection. Here is a list of some ideas if you are searching for the piece that best fits the personality of the receiver.

Pearl jewellery combined with rose gold

Rose gold is very popular these days, especially when combined with gems and other metals like sterling silver and white gold. When combined with pearls, the piece becomes an elegant addition to a woman’s wardrobe. Another advantage of rose gold is its versatility because it complements all skin tones.

Classic pearl choker

A pearl choker is reminiscent of the 90s but at the same time classic enough to transcend fashion trends across decades. The range of Claudia Bradby Christmas Gifts is an excellent starting point if you are looking for a variety of pearl jewellery to choose from.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are trendy and also a favourite fashion accessory for young women. If you are searching for a perfect gift for a daughter, sister, or niece, a pearl ear cuff is a perfect combination of classy and edgy. The best thing about an ear cuff is that you don’t need to have a pierced ear to wear it! For those who cannot commit to a permanent ear piercing, a pearl ear cuff is ideal alternative if you want to accessorise your ears but don’t want to get them pierced.

Stackable pearl ring

Stacking rings one on top of another is another trend in accessorising that many women are fond of. Adding a pearl ring to a jewellery collection gives you a chance to have more options if you want to stack them together. Pearls go well with other types of jewellery and can easily blend with other pieces you already have in your collection.

Layered necklaces

Layering pearl necklaces is not a new trend, but it has not gone out of style. Many celebrities today accessorise using several layers of pearl necklaces to channel old Hollywood glamour. If you are on a budget, you can get decent strands of freshwater pearls as a gift. If you want to splurge, go for South sea pearls instead which have high lustre and sheen.

Wearable gadgets with custom pearl jewellery

Tech gadgets these days are a popular addition to anyone’s lifestyle. If the woman in your life is fond of tech gadgets like fitness trackers, you can have one customised and add pieces of pearls to make it unique and special. You can also get a custom accessory for a mobile phone which is another excellent gift idea.