What is there left to say about Paris? The city of love, a global fashion capital and a classic destination for couples, families and friends alike; it truly is one of the premier destinations in the world for magical memories.

Of course, the dynamic of the trip depends on who you’re going with, and going with friends usually means you’re probably looking to have a lot of fun without breaking the bank.

With that in mind, how can you and your friends make the most of your Parisian adventure while keeping your spending under control?

Before You Go

As with any holiday, good preparation in plenty of time is key to guaranteeing both the best possible trip and the lowest possible cost. Booking your accommodation, flights and major attractions well in advance will mean you catch early bird pricing, while planning your trip during an off-peak time of year will give you access to the best deals.

Be thorough with what you’re taking with you, so you don’t have to buy anything there. Also, if you haven’t already, look into a travel friendly banking app. The success of online accounts like Monzo has been in part down to perks like free cash withdrawals abroad, which mean you can save on exchange rates.

What to Do

The beauty of a city like Paris is the diversity of attractions it offers. Sure, you’ll want to see the Eiffel Tower and grab Moulin Rouge Paris tickets, but there’s plenty of sights you and your friends you can enjoy on the cheap, or indeed for nothing at all.

You can see the stunning beauty of Notre Dame cathedral, experience the pristine flowerbeds of the Parc du Champ de Mars or do some window shopping at the Marche aux Puces de St-Ouen, all for absolutely free.

As for where to eat, The Independent put together a guide of budget Parisian eateries last year, featuring young hip cafes, a city-favourite pizzeria and the best place for bargain crepes, all costing under £10 a meal.

Where to Stay

In a city of a thousand choices and some seriously premium priced hotels, it can be a little overwhelming finding the right accommodation. The good thing about going with friends is you’re probably a little less bothered about the type of accommodation you’re staying than if you were visiting with, say, a significant other.

Nevertheless, if you’re working at around the £100 a night sort of budget, you’ll be able to find a really nice place to stay. Even if you’re going for as budget as possible, there’s a selection of hotels with great reviews that will set you back less than £60 a night.

A weekend away in Paris is never going to be the cheapest holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be savvy with your money whilst enjoying yourself. The most important thing is that you have a great time, and with good friends in the city of light, you’re bound to have an amazing holiday.