To gamble is within our human nature – it’s part of the reason why we’ve proven to be so successful as a species – and organised gambling has long been a pastime.

As early as 1698, we were building dedicated casinos for gambling, setting in motion an industry which would become worth well over 100 billion dollars, globally, today. Along the way, casinos have featured in film, literature and almost every kind of art we produce, firmly establishing themselves in our culture.

To do that they’ve evolved, adding new games, establishing better practices and adapting to new cultures. However, they never faced a more acute challenge to their existence and relevancy as they did when the internet arose.

Suddenly, we were all spending more time online. The race was on to get an online presence, but early online casinos were hampered by poor security standards for the web. It could have all gone wrong for casinos, but it didn’t and today online casinos are a huge business.

So, how did online casinos adapt to the modern world?

Live Betting

According to online casino’s live betting is betting whilst a sport is in-play. It’s an exciting innovation for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, it allows bettors to bet whilst the sport is ongoing, something that wasn’t possible previously, as the fluctuating odds couldn’t be accounted for live and in-person. Secondly, it vastly expanded the number of events which could be bet on.

Suddenly, you could bet on the next goal scorer in football, the next player to receive a yellow card or even the next team to get a penalty kick. By expanding the number of potential bets, live betting changed the game in the online age, allowing anyone to bet at a moments notice.

Mobile Support

It doesn’t take a particularly keen eye to notice that a huge percentage of our time is spent accessing the internet on our smartphones and tablets. However, early online casinos didn’t factor in the emergence of these devices nor their near-constant connectivity.

Today, however, all major casinos feature mobile-optimized websites and many have their own dedicated Android and iOS apps, too. Mobile support was more than just an expected feature though; it allowed players to enjoy betting opportunities, casino games and slots at any time, from anywhere they may be, slotting effortlessly into our modern lives.

New Games

One of the great benefits of traditional brick-and-mortar casinos is that punters can sit down, enjoy a drink and take their time at a table. That sort of environment favours slower, longer-form games like poker.

However, online, where time tends to be shorter and we’re often doing more than one thing, these sorts of traditional casino experiences don’t translate quite as effortlessly. It’s why new game modes like speed poker have emerged and why slots have become immensely popular in the age of the online casino.

By investing in faster, more fun games, online casinos have dramatically increased the amount of engagement they saw in their games, whilst enabling modern customers to get in and out faster.