For the majority of us in the UK, when we get cold we simply flick a switch and the heating comes on. We pay the gas bills and it keeps flowing via underground pipes into our houses and we never need to give it a second thought.
But what if you live somewhere where you can’t access the main gas system. There are many beautiful, rural properties in this country and some perhaps not quite as picturesque but still crucially unable to access the mains gas supply. How do they keep warm during those cold winter months?

You could of course plump for coal,oil or even wood fuelled fires or boilers, but these are expensive and more importantly time consuming and simply don’t have the convenience of gas. However there is a middle way, a way to have the convenience of being on the main supply whilst still off grid. That’s where LPG comes in.

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is produced during the extraction and refining of natural gas and oil and is a clean, lower carbon, efficient fuel. Put simply you have a gas tank installed, this can be overground or if you prefer it to be hidden away can be disguised underground, you then have your LPG delivered via tanker to your location. Once the tank is filled you then have access to gas in the same way as you would from the mains with all the ease and convenience of a standard gas supply. Cooking, heating and piping hot water all at the flick of a switch again, so efficient you will forget you are even off grid.

Once you have decided on LPG being your fuel of choice, just like in the normal mains supplied gas arena there are different companies who can supply your fuel. In the same way you can shop around for the best price for your mains supplied gas it is worth looking at the various companies who can supply LPG to your property and ensuring you get the best value on price and service.

One of the largest and well established companies, with over 30 years experience Flogas Britain can supply great service and good value prices for domestic LPG users.

On average new customers saved 20% on their gas bills by switching to Flogas last year.
So it’s definitely worth comparing lpg prices┬áto see how they can help improve your energy supply and reduce your fuel bills.