Do the clothes that you wear on your flight make any difference? You bet it does. It may seem like a trivial concern, but the outfit that you choose can define the difference between comfort and misery, especially on an extended aircraft flight.  

What you should always wear on a plane

When you embark on an aircraft, you enter a world of microclimates. You might step onto the plane from a sun-drenched tarmac in Arizona, spend several hours aboard a climate controlled cabin, then disembark in snowy Canada. You might travel an entirely different path, from a chilly airport in New England to a near-tropical airport in Palm Springs.

The trick to traveling in ultimate comfort lies in layers. Fight flight discomfort when you start with an underlayer of natural fibers such as silk, cotton, or rayon. Of these three, cotton offers the best moisture-wicking ability and may actually be preferable for a long distance flight. Layer on a button-up shirt and a lightweight cardigan. Add a pashmina or other elegant, wrinkle-free scarf, and you’re ready to board your flight to or from just about anywhere. Tuck a reusable, foldable bag into your carry-on luggage or pocket, and use it to stow any layers you peel off in mid-flight, advise travel gurus at Huffington Post.

Reasonably loose, unrestrictive outfits that offer plenty of breathing room are the way to enjoy a comfortable plane ride. Go for garments made with wrinkle-resistant fabrics for a fresh appearance upon landing. Plain cotton and other natural materials are your best bet for in-the-air wear.

What never to wear on an airplane

The way you dress directly affects the way you feel and look when you land. Eschew restrictive garments, and don’t even think about wearing skinny jeans or jeggings while flying. Tight clothing can inhibit natural blood flow and lead to a medical malady called deep vein thrombosis. Opt for flat heel, slip-on shoes in lieu of towering heels. You’ll be better able to walk through airport terminals and use an emergency exit if needed, says UK Daily Mail.

Don’t don any garment that might be deemed offensive. Tee shirts emblazoned with vulgar words and images are not only tacky, they might get you removed from a flight before you ever take off. An aircraft is not the place to wear super-sexy outfits, either. Instead, choose comfortable layers that provide modesty even if you fall asleep in mid-flight.

A word about scent

Perfume can be problematic. Spare your neighbor’s exposure to aromas they may not like or to which they may be allergic. You can always splash on a bit of cologne after you check into your room at the Scottsdale Marriott Suites or another hotel.

Airline travel is a fact of life for many people. Dress nicely, wear loose-fitting garments, put on clean, comfortable shoes and give yourself plenty of time to check your baggage and arrive at your gate.