It’s understood – there’s no second chance to make an initial impression. Of course, it’s a lot of pressure to meet another person for the first time, especially if it’s during a blind date or someone you find attractive. Be less worried and more confident that you can make a fantastic first impression. Here’s what to do.

Prepare Talking Points

It’s uncommon for two strangers to meet and have an endless stream of conversation points. Rather than wait for those awkward pauses, be prepared with things to say. Even better, research the interests and hobbies of the other person ahead of time so you can ask questions. Be aware, however, of talking too much about yourself.

Be On Time

Some are cavalier about being a few minutes late. It’s a huge error in making a good impression. Being late sends latent messages to the other person. Even if unintended, the other person could feel disrespected or that you don’t think much of them. To avoid unintended messages, be on time. If you think you may be running a few moments late, send a text message.

Have a Winning Smile

A ‘Hollywood smile’ is a coined phrase for reason. A great smile makes a fantastic physical impression. A whiter smile is attractive. Furthermore, having a great smile will make a person smile more, which makes others feel comfortable and likely to smile back. Seek whitening solutions that suit your tooth sensitivity.

Keep a Positive Outlook

Be aware of how you discuss topics, people, etc. Keep a positive outlook even if you don’t have a favorable opinion about something. You don’t want the other person to think you’re a ‘negative’ person, host prejudices, or can be unfriendly. Steer clear of subjects that are too controversial and remember to ‘smile’ via chosen words and tone of voice.

Stay True to the Real Story

Obviously, it’s not okay to lie. Of course, people stretch the truth to sound more interesting, brave, wealthy, etc. Staying true to the real story, however, is a much better approach and helps avoid awkward disparities between what you’ve mentioned and what actually is. Be yourself so you know if you’re a good match to be the other person’s friend or romantic interest.

The Details Matter

Details matter. So, a watch, decision to wear your hair up or down or the cut of a shirt or blouse will speak for you and help the other person form an opinion of you (for better or worse). The bad news is that we all make judgments when first meeting others. The good news is that we are in control of a lot of what others see.

Avoid Bad Days

Bad days happen. It would be unfortunate to meet a new acquaintance at such a time. While we don’t have to talk about what is wrong, our face and body speak for us. At best, the other person will think you’re the awkward, mysterious type. At worst, you may be too upfront about personal matters or try to better the bad day with alcohol and an altered version of yourself.