As well as being highly enjoyable, the 2019 version of New York Fashion Week also brought technology to the world of fashion. As reported by the BBC, designer Christian Siriano and software firm SAP used an app to help showcase the designer’s futuristic glam collection.

However, are gamers currently being neglected in fashion shows? Is it time for clothes designers to consider their needs in future fashion shows of this type? Let’s take a look at some of the best fashion tips for gamers that we might one day see on the catwalk.

Final Fantasy XII Is Getting Remastered” (CC BY 2.0) by BagoGames

Clothing Inspired by Games

Perhaps the most obvious choice here is to wear clothes that have been inspired by games. Thankfully, this no longer means being restricted to t-shirts featuring Pac-man or Super Mario. The following selection was compiled by The Mary Sue; It includes items featuring The Legend of Zelda, Duke Nukem and Street Fighter.

If any designer went down this route, then they would probably start off by considering the most stylish gaming characters. This could mean basing their creations on the trendy outfits used by characters such as Agent 47 from Hitman, Snow from Final Fantasy XIII and John Marston from Red Dead Redemption.

What to Wear to an Online Casino

As well as action-packed video games, many people now choose to play online casino games too. You probably imagine wearing formal, elegant clothes to a land casino but the fact is that many casino-goers wear casual and relaxed clothing rather than the tuxedos and evening dresses you may have seen in James Bond movies. So, what should you wear when heading to the online slots and virtual roulette table?

You may feel more in the mood for some casino games if you dress well despite the fact that no-one is watching you. A good tip is to give a new outfit a trial run while you do the same with a new casino. The Paddy Power promotions page at give a 200% bonus for new players trying their casino games, so you can start without spending too much on your games or your clothes.

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Comfortable and Relaxed but Stylish

Perhaps the key to understanding what clothing to use lies in knowing how your body reacts while playing games. This science project – – shows that your breathing rate increases, as does your blood pressure and heart rate, as you play games. Your body’s capacity to feel pain reduces at the same time, meaning that you might not notice the signs of uncomfortable clothing as quickly.

All of this means that staying relaxed and comfortable is crucial. You will want to wear loose, breathable clothing that lets you feel good as you play. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you need to wear unstylish outfits. Instead, you could look for stylish outfits that are also suitable for the physical demands of gaming.

Given the huge popularity of video gaming, it would seem to be only a matter of time before fashion designers dedicate more of their time to gamers. Until then, by following these simple tips,