Gone are the days when you had to stick with plain colours for your nails. Now, you can go crazy with whatever nail art design you want to have. You might have even viewed some online videos on nail arts and sometimes they can go crazier than you can ever imagine.

There are times when you want to give them a try as well. You can do so with the use of the right nail art supplies. Here are the things you need to have that amazing nail art you have always wanted.

Nail art stickers

They can help spruce up your nails. There are stickers available with tons of amazing designs. You can even buy them in stores where you can have the stickers customised. As long as they have strong adhesive backing, they will stay on.

Dotting tools

As the name implies, they are used for creating dots. They also come in different sizes. There are some nail designs that look great when there are dots involved. They will now be easier to create with the help of these tools.


You can now have shiny nails with the help of these rhinestones. They come in different sizes and colours. They will surely bring glamour to your nails. This is the best way to have those luxurious nails come to life.

Glass beads

If those rhinestones are not enough, you might want to get some glass beads. They will help in creating a 3D effect on the nails. No one will tell you that you still have boring nails when you use these beads.

Nail polish

There are different shades of nail polishes available. Make sure that you have one for every shade available. You don’t know your mood. You might like a darker shade one day and pure white the next. It is good to have different colours in your kit.


There are two types of coats for your nails. The topcoat dries quickly. This gives a unique lustre to your nails. The designs will also come to life with the proper coating. Basecoats, on the other hand, are used first before applying anything to the nails.


You might not understand why this is included in your nail art supplies. They are perfect for picking up small items used and for creating dots. They also help a lot when it comes to water marbling. Scissors and tweezers also play a huge role as they can be used for really small objects.

Nail polish remover

Obviously, you have to keep the nails totally clean and dry before putting on a new layer of nail art. This comes in handy as it is easy to use. Even darker shades can be removed with the right nail polish remover.

Nail art brushes

You are dealing with an artistic design after all, so it is a must to have the right nail art brush. They come in different sizes depending on your needs.

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