Many of us are guilty as charged when it comes to being a beauty addict. We just can’t help ourselves when it comes to taking advantage of that beauty product promotion with a 3 for 2 or that gift bag on offer at your local department store when you buy two or more designer products. All this amounts to many of us having overzealous make up bags oozing with everything under the sun, and yet we only use half of it – why not click here for some independent, expert reviews. 

With the Christmas season ahead of us here are some fantastic ways for you to detox your makeup bag when all of us will be using a bit more slap than we probably should. But hey ho, it’s only Christmas once!

  • When in doubt throw it out

If you have more than one version of a product, then you probably don’t need it. Also ask yourself, how old is the product I am using? If it is over six months in age then you probably shouldn’t keep it if you use it daily as germs can accumulate and items such as mascara and lipstick can be hard to keep clean.

  • Clean freak

Make sure you use a Stylpro makeup brush cleaner and dryer to clean your brushes as these can harbour dirt and germs. Also make sure you wash your actual make up bag, all that build-up of makeup residue and those dreaded pencil sharpening’s can cause the lining to be soiled and carry bacteria. Pop it in the washing machine on a high heat if the material permits to allow for a true deep clean.

  • Divide and conquer

Once you have chosen the makeup items you really need, sort the products into categories such as face, eyes, lips and beauty tools (brushes, sponges, lash curlers). If your makeup bag has separate compartments, assign a separate pocket to each category, so that you know where to find things in a pinch and that everything stays hygienic. After all there is no use that lipstick which has sat on the bathroom sink touching your eyeliner and vice versa.

  • It takes two to tango

When it comes to carrying makeup around in your purse for touch-ups, you don’t need to transport a lot — a lip gloss, blush and mascara should do the trick on the go. Considering this why not have two make up bags? One for on the go, and one for at home? That way you don’t have to carry around excess products and risk them getting broken.

  • Mini me

Many common beauty products come in little purse-friendly sizes. Look for nail files, brushes, and perfumes that come in travel versions. Even if you’re using regular sized products, some designs are smaller than others. For example, if you use a single eyeshadow shade, don’t cart around the compact with two or three colours.

  • Antibac is best

In order to maintain the cleanliness of your makeup bag once you have carried out the above steps, it is good to keep antibacterial wet wipes to hand. These can be useful for removing your make up as well as ensuring your products and applicators stay clean. When choosing a brand, opt to one with low oil content so that your belongings don’t get greasy.