The bathroom is slowly fading away from being that go to place for a bath, or a quick…well,

Let’s just say it “bathroom break”, the luxury bathrooms of nowadays no longer serve those

functions specifically. They do more now. The luxury bathroom is pretty much a recharge

station that is part spa. The luxury bathrooms come well equipped and furnished and give

quite a view.

The bathroom has come a long way from being a functional part of the home to be an

integral part of the relaxation process and escape from the travails of life. The luxury

bathroom is more focused on personal wellness. The luxury bathroom has become that one

private place to do something good for ourselves.

Whereas the average person might spend about 15-30 minutes on the functional duties for

the bathroom, the luxury bathroom accommodates prolonged stays and doubles as a

relaxation place. The goal of the luxury bathroom is to raise your state of mind and put a

smile on your face as soon as you walk in.

The luxury bathroom usually has one of the appliances needed in a bathroom. The more

luxurious ones, however, give you a variety of options to choose from; be it a standing

shower or a bath tub. It all depends on how you are feeling at that point.

The luxury bathroom is made to be very private and for only one person. However, at the

other end of the spectrum lies the his-and-hers luxury bathroom. Made to follow the

sequence of the couple’s morning activity.  

The materials and design of the luxury bathroom are as you might guess… palatial. Materials

like black marble, polished brass and seashells can provide that flamboyant decadent feel.

Colors too are a thing of luxury bathrooms. Items and accessories with shades from royal

red to musky blue and waterproof wallpaper.

Even though the word luxury is aligned with large bathrooms, there can be small bathrooms

that are equally as luxurious, if not more than large bathrooms. In a smaller space, the

materials and fixtures give you a chance to take in the sophistication and elegance of shapes

and color.

Architects and designers that have created state-of-the-art luxury bath for today, are now

receiving requests to go a step further and look to the future. They are being asked to

ensure that a bathroom is accessible for as long as 20years. This practically confirms that

luxury bathrooms are not going anywhere anytime soon.