There is not a single word in the English language that I love more than the word ‘sale’. It means so much to me and my face immediately lets everyone know by breaking out into a huge smile.

Sales mean buying new clothes, new shoes and a new handbag. They mean getting a bargain on something which was too expensive to buy. They mean restocking my wardrobe for less than the dress I am wearing. They mean having a day of fun rooting through all of the options and finally finding the one I want.

They also mean buying a lot of pairs of shoes which I might not really need and which I might only wear a handful of times, however they were on sale, and too much of a bargain to miss out on. It becomes the sole reason for me buying them. If you ask me about my shoes, the first thing I will tell you is not the make, not the style but the fact that I saved 50% in the sale.

Shoe sales are my all-time favourite. There is something truly magical about them. I don’t know if it is the atmosphere in the shop or just my attitude and approach to them, but they really create a unique time in my life. I can remember the big ones.

There are times when you look forward to Christmas, but you know you have a sale fascination when you look forward to the Christmas sale afterwards. It might be a part of growing up and something we all go through eventually as we get older. Who knows and why even worry about it.

If it makes you happy, then embrace it. That is exactly what I did this year when I extended the whole sale experience and went online and looked at so many beautiful shoes. I think I honestly spent days absorbed in lovethesales‘ pages.

I knew that I definitely needed one pair of shoes for a party I had coming up so why not buy a few pairs. They were on sale so it would almost be wrong not to. Who can refuse the opportunity to buy two pairs of shoes for the bargain price of one? Let me tell you now, that that person is certainly not me. I didn’t just buy the one pair or the second pair, I spent my discounts and bought a few more than I planned.

They all have a reason. My cousin’s wedding I have to go to, the office party which I want to go to and then my boyfriend’s office party which I don’t want to go to. Even with a party to make the excuse, I don’t feel like I need to make any excuses, they were on sale and that is all the reason I need to buy some lovely shoes.

I don’t mind spending time looking at shoe sales, I think this is my sport and my time to enjoy.