Traveling opens up a world of new opportunities and you want to look your best while doing it. Overpacking becomes a hassle, especially when you travel internationally. Discover smart ways to look fashionable during travel and how easy it can be to do.

Shop Online

One of the easiest ways to get a travel wardrobe is shopping at a Womens clothing online store by filly flair. Choose from a variety of sweaters, tunics, trousers, and dresses for any occasion. Versatile clothing goes from day to evening effortlessly with a change of accessories and makeup.

Go Neutral

Neutral hues match any situation, mood, and country, regardless of where you travel. Choose from navy, beige, brown, black, and cream. Add a dramatic scarf in a bold color or a statement necklace to make an impact when you wear neutrals.

Pack Colors That Match

Color coordination can be problematic on vacation unless you pack three or four colors that match. Select two neutral and one or two bold hues that work well together. Mixing and matching is a smart way to maximize the pieces in your travel wardrobe.

Easy to Pack

Choose pieces that are soft, easy to pack, and do not wrinkle easily. Natural materials are breathable and synthetic ones tend to be very packable. If you pack clothes that could wrinkle, make sure the travel destination has laundry facilities and equipment to look your best after a long trip.

Basic Shoes

Keep your shoe wardrobe basic during travel, as shoes can weigh a lot and take up space in your luggage. Wear sneakers or comfortable loafers to walk around while you travel to the destination. Bring low-heeled and high-heeled shoes, boots, or sandals, depending on where you go.

Slip Into a Dress

A slip dress is a perfect addition to your travel wardrobe. Choose one in black or navy that looks equally good at lunch or a nightclub with the right accessories. Usually, these dresses are packable and look great in just seconds.

Grab a Swimsuit…Or Two

If you are a waterfront enthusiast, a swimsuit is a must-have item to head to the beach and pool. If you intend to spend most of your time underwater, bring two swimsuits so there is an extra one to wear when the other is being washed and dried. Consider bringing a one-piece for sports and a bikini for sunning.

Beware of Bulk

Stay away from bulky items that overtake your luggage and hip accommodations. Cotton is often thick and takes a long time to dry, and wool clothing takes up a lot of space in your bag. Blended materials often work best when it comes to packing and wearability.

The Power of a Cardigan

Cardigans are an ideal item to pack for vacations because they keep the chill off without making you feel overheated. Another option is to toss a cardigan over a swimsuit or tank top to go out for a night on the town without changing your outfit. A cardigan makes the other clothing you bring look better and offers essential warmth when needed.

Pack a Windbreaker

Another item to bring along on vacation is a windbreaker, which can be used as a protective layer over a cardigan or hooded sweatshirt. Whether it rains or snows, a windbreaker keeps you dry. Windbreakers are also perfect to wear if you go sailing or boating in rough waters.

Terrific Tees

One of the most useful things to pack is two or three light t-shirts. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, trousers, or skirts, as well as used as a cover-up at the beach. Plus, a casual t-shirt is perfect to wear to bed with a pair of leggings or sweatpants.

Remember to Bring Undergarments

It makes sense to bring several pairs of underwear and socks as well as at least two bras. Remember to pack undergarments that match your clothing, such as a strapless bra for a dress that reveals your shoulders. Make sure your underwear looks appropriate under your clothes.

Exercise Clothes

Many women travel in exercise clothes because they are breathable and comfortable. Packing a set of exercise clothes also encourages you to take advantage of the gym and other workout opportunities that may exist during your stay. Be prepared for action when you wear or pack a set of exercise gear.

Know the Activities

Pack ahead and prepare for the activities on your itineraries, such as skiing or horseback riding. Pack clothing, shoes, and accessories that work well with doing these things. Find out if certain gear is available to purchase at the destination if the items are bulky to pack.

Step Into Style

Traveling is a golden opportunity to recreate yourself and be anything you want. Dare to be different and choose stylish pieces that make you feel fabulous wherever you go. Consider patterns, designs, and outfits that go beyond your usual look.

Keep It Light

Several lightweight pieces are smarter to pack than two or three bulky items. Layering is the best way to stay warm and be ready for all temperatures and situations. The key to traveling is packing fashionable pieces that work well wherever you decide to go.

The Perfect Jeans

Nothing makes you feel better than slipping into a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. Shop around to find jeans that hug your curves and slide on easily so you feel fantastic during your trip. Plus, jeans can be dressed up or down to take you anywhere from camping to cocktail parties.

Wearable Blouse

A wearable blouse is wrinkle-free and matches all types of bottoms. From businesslike to beautiful, the right blouse takes you anywhere you need to go. Pale colors work well with neutrals for a fresh look.

When you travel, there’s no reason to compromise on quality, fashion, and style. Choose from a myriad of packable pieces that are lightweight, attractive, and fit into any suitcase. Filly Flair is the ideal online destination to find the perfect travel wardrobe for your next great escape.