When you think about summer looks, it always comes down to the need to look tanned and have the perfect hairstyle. With the sun shining so bright, you probably want to show off your sexy body and finally jump in your lightweight floral dresses and sandal wedges. To make your summer days fabulous and your look gorgeous, take a look at our tips below.


If your skin is fair, even the lightest sunrays will make you look brightly white. That’s why you should think about spray tan, or maybe about using some of those fabulous self-tan creams, foams and pastes. With only one quick application your skin will get just enough bronze to make the transition between brightly white and bronzing tan less of a hassle. Tinted moisturizers are perfect for summer use instead of foundations because they’ll make your skin look flawless, moderately tanned without clogging your pores during the hot summer days.

Minimum makeup

Natural beauty is gaining popularity, precisely because there’s nothing more beautiful than bare skin that can actually breathe during the hot summer weather. Sweat, heavy air and sunlight are the worst possible combination for your face, which is why you should bring the makeup use to a bare minimum. A mascara to open up your look, a face serum to give your skin some hydration, a dash of blush for more definition and a delicate lipstick for a more attractive pout. Anything else would simply be too much and wouldn’t last two hours without starting to cake, fall off or smear under the hot temperatures.

Inject lip fillers

Asymmetrical lips or simply two thin lips can make a girl really unhappy. Having in mind that a non-invasive cosmetic procedure could significantly improve the way you look and feel, you should definitely consider getting lip fillers and feel better in your own skin. In a single treatment, your lips will get shape, structure, and volume they need to look flawless. Just make sure you consult the doctor about the size of the lips you want to get because it shouldn’t be disproportionate to the rest of your face, but it should look as natural as possible.

Style your hair differently

The way your hair looks contributes immensely to your overall look. That’s precisely why you should think about changing something about your hair this summer, and give it an extra va-va-voom for the upcoming beach season. It seems that afro curls are going to be the hit of the season, so think about getting a perm and feeling a bit of that African vibe on your ‘do. Not only will the locks look stunning while your hair is loose, but you’ll also be able to style it more quickly and tie it up without much fuss.

Eat right

One of the key factors to looking gorgeous is to eat well. Pick healthy fruits and veggies instead of takeout and you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes to the clothes you’ll want to wear because everything will fit perfectly. Mix a variety of berries in a blender, add crushed ice and serve healthy smoothies during your breakfast or while you lounge around the house. Forget about late night snacks, but turn to leafy greens, whole grains and protein to be sure your body is working well. Drink plenty of water and only indulge in mojitos and cosmopolitans a couple of times a month.

Don’t forget the sunblock

You can’t have healthy and good-looking skin without protecting it the right way, which is why you’ll have to pay special attention to sunscreens. As soon as you start wearing short sleeves and skirts, start applying sunblock even when you’re going out to run errands. Just because you’re not lying under the sun and listening to the waves, it doesn’t mean that the sun won’t affect you. You’ll be exposed to it for a certain amount of time, so don’t let those 40-60 minutes leave long-term consequences on your skin. Slather on the SPF on your face, arms legs and any other part of the body that will be exposed to the harmful UV rays.

Final thoughts

You can easily look gorgeous this summer if you only follow a few simple rules. All you need to do is take care of your diet, cut back on makeup use, always use sunblock, improve the look of your lips, invest in self-tan cosmetics and change up your hairstyle, for the most flawless look of the summer.