The French Riviera’s exclusive resort has long been a favoured getaway for movie stars, musicians and even royalty, so it’s no wonder many choose to set up home here – be it as a summer retreat or a permanent residence. Below, peruse some of the most famous homes of St. Tropez and learn about their A-List owners.

Discover the famous homes of St Tropez

Brigitte Bardot

Perhaps Saint Tropez’s most famous resident, Brigitte Bardot bought beloved home La Madrague in 1958, having holidayed in the region since childhood.

The property was once part boathouse and part fisherman’s shack, located on a dirt road at the end of the Bay of Canoubiers. However, Bardot transformed it into a luxurious sanctuary shrouded in bamboo, lavender and pine, with undisturbed views of the Mediterranean. She still lives there today, along with her fourth husband and her many rescue pets.

Although Bardot has retired from the limelight, her name is now etched in St-Tropez’s history. As well as owning one of the most celebrated celebrity houses in St. Tropez, she also has a bronze statue that can be found opposite the Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum.

Bernard Arnaud

This French business magnate, investor, and art collector, best known as the CEO of luxury goods brand LVMH and as the third-richest man in the world, has a property in one of Saint-Tropez’s most exclusive regions – Les Parcs de St-Tropez.

Villas for rent in Les Parcs de St Tropez can be extremely hard to come by, so high is demand in this gated community. Arnaud’s idyllic property is surrounded by greenery and has direct access to the glittering Mediterranean sea, making it one of the most enviable famous homes of St. Tropez.

Built in the classic Provencal style with a private pool and sprawling gardens, we are sure that the billionaire has spent many happy summers here with his family.

Francis Holder

Francis Holder is a French baker and businessman, owner of international patisserie shops such as Ladurée and PAUL. Specialising in treats such as macarons and hearty staples such as bread, Holder has built an empire from the one family bakery he inherited at just 18.

When the 78-year-old is not busy carefully watching over the experimental baking department in his factory in Lille, Holder can be found at his luxurious residence in Saint Tropez, relaxing, hanging out with family and friends and – you guessed it – baking!

The Holder home has just been redesigned in a more contemporary style, but the previous house had a bread oven built in, allowing Holder to partake in his passion even when on vacation.  Also located in the Les Parcs district – the favoured location for celebrity homes in St. Tropez – bird’s eye images of the property show a hot tub and swimming pool that look directly out onto the sea. What better place to kick back after a long week of pastry tasting?

Of course, this list is not exhaustive of the famous and celebrity homes of St. Tropez – far from it. Next time you are in the region, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for A-Listers and billionaires – you never know who you might see!