If you have a taste for nostalgia and have a sweet tooth to match did you know you can get access to some of your favourite retro sweets?  In other words the sweets of yesterday are back.  In recent years many believe that sweets have lost their appeal and kids of today are not entering sweet shops finding themselves in awe of the big glass jars of colourful delights.

When we were younger having sweet was most certainly a treat that we were only allowed to eat occasionally or on special occasions.  It was the time when sweets were only ten pence and for this amount of money you could create a “mix-up” or “pick n mix”.  We tend to forget how easily available chocolate in particular is now.

We think it is therefore time to take a look back in time starting with the swinging sixties and take a look at some of our favourite sweets.

Sweets in the 1960’s

In the sixties there were lots of sweets but the pear drop was the favourite amongst many.  This hard boiled sweet is still sought after today and now available in other flavours such as strawberry and banana.

This era also welcomed the flying saucer (rice paper filled with a sour sherbet).  Another favourite is the love heart.  If you wanted to find out if the person you fancied like you, you would leave the answer in the hands of a packet of love hearts.  Full of witty one liner’s and lovely statements this was the sweet everyone wanted to see what the next one would say.

We must not exclude parma violets; they were a sweet in its own league.  This performed scented sweet tasted as good as they looked but to many they were the marmite in the world of sweets.

Sweets in the 1970’s

In the seventies we saw an increase in marketing and branding and there was no exception to the rule when we look at sweets.  There were even mascots.  Bertie Bassett became a household name loved by millions as we watched Bertie marry Bernie in 2009.

Sweets in the 1980’s-90’s

One of those vivid sweet eras has to be the eighties.  This is when the sweet market reached its peak with many companies producing an extensive range of sweets.  Popping candy and sherbet dips were highly desired.  Let’s not forget the Wham Bar, a chewy fin treat filled with zesty sherbet.

It is a shame that the current confectionary market has not followed the trend as penny sweets are no longer available as our sweet shops are filled with chocolate bars and multipacks.

You mention the word retro sweets to a friend or family member and they are likely to have very fond memories, memories of their childhood that puts a smile on their face.  Get back in touch with your childhood memories and take a step door memory lane with retro sweets.