Celebrity engagement rings over the years have often served to show as much bling as possible as well as advertise that the status of a couple has changed. Engagement rings at whiteflash.com are certainly as stunning as those worn by A-listers and in the battle for the biggest piece of bling in town, here are some engagement rings worn by the stars over the years which are certainly the top of the carat charts.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton; 18 carat

When the engagement of William and Kate was announced, there was speculation as to whether he would propose with the stunning engagement ring worn by his mother Diana Princess of Wales. Those who made this prediction were correct and the ring has now passed to Kate. The center is a stunning sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds and a surprising fact is that it was not designed specifically for Diana – with all the choices in the world available she opted for a ring which was unique but off the shelf.

Beyonce; 18 carat

Pop king Jay-Z popped the question with a ring worth over $5 million. Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, it’s a single 18 carat octagon cut diamond on a simple band of platinum. The quality is so high it has been certified as an exception, premium stone.

Angelina Jolie; 16 carat

Brad and Angelina dated for 7 years before he asked her to marry him but when he did, the ring really said it all. She is now the proud owner of a unique piece of jewelry which contains a 16 carat table cut diamond worth around half a million. It was designed by Brad Pitt himself with the help of top jewelry experts.

Kim Kardashian; 15 carat

The Kardashian family are never known for any aspect of the lives being subtle or out of the limelight so when Kim announced she was engaged to Kanye West, the media weren’t surprised to see her wearing a huge diamond ring. The enormity though is just as Kardashian-esque with it coming in at an incredible 15 carats of flawless diamond. It’s table cut and was presented to Kim by Kanye in front of family and friends.

Iggy Azalea; 10.43 carat

Never a lady to follow the pack, the ring Australian rapper Iggy wears is certainly striking. Engaged in June 2015, she was swept off her feet by Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young who was also the designer of the ring. It’s an 8.15 carat yellow diamond surrounded by 2.28 carats of colorless diamonds.

Jenny McCarthy; 10 carat

New Kid on the Block Danny Wahlberg proposed to actress, model and comedienne Jenny McCarthy in April 2014. He certainly did it in style with a one-off ring consisting of a huge and rare yellow sapphire. Surrounded by diamonds it really does catch the eye as it sits on a white gold band.

Jennifer Aniston; 8 carat

Small by comparison to other sparkling rocks but still a huge diamond in its own right, Jennifer wears a solitaire 8 carat diamond. This rare radiant cut gemstone was given by now-husband Justin Theroux when he went down on bended knee in August 2012.