The London Fashion Week Men’s SS20 took place back in early June and it was another fascinating insight into what can be expected in the world of men’s fashion next year. It was a brilliant event and there were a handful of intriguing presentations which anyone with an interest in fashion will be keen to hear about.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen’s presentation at Charter House continued the recent emphasis on Englishness with traditional tailoring that has been reconstructed to create an eye-catching style. There were also a number of hybrid garments on show, such as the tailored jacket with satin bomber sleeves and the beige trench with a black wool collar and wool gabardine sleeves.

Ahluwalia Studio

To get a real appreciation for the Ahluwalia Studio collection you need to know about the background. Family is at the heart of the SS20 collection with a handful of pieces that designer Priya Ahluwalia was given by family members which have been reimagined and modernised. Ahluwalia is a rising star in the UK fashion scene and well-known for her eco-fashion so she will certainly be one to keep an eye on in the coming years.


Iconic designer Belstaff are famed for designing clothes for men that like to travel and explore and that has been the central theme for this collection, aptly titled Travelogue. This is the second collection by new creative director Sean Lehnhardt-Moore and puts a modern spin the brand’s history with a number of practical and stylish items with the use of juxtaposing fabrics and colours. Fittingly, the presentation took place at the Hoxton Docks to reflect the brand’s industrial heritage and was one of the standout presentations of the event.

Michiko Koshino

Michiko Koshino has established a reputation in the men’s fashion world for its bold, striking and contrasting designs but have opted for a softer and more subtle approach for SS20. This includes a handful of ready-to-wear pieces like polo shirts and knitwear for a contemporary audience. Michiko Koshino has used many similar colours but opted for more neutral and softer shades and prints in a bid to deliver a more commercial aesthetic. 


The “Heart Cave” presentation showed St-Henri’s collection of uniforms for the fictional community of characters with reinterpreted American shapes with distorted lines and patterns. This is all part of the brand’s “love and acceptance” ethos which is also evident with the move to stop using animal leather in its collections from SS20.

The London Fashion Week Men’s SS20 was another brilliant event which showcased the very latest and best in men’s fashion. The above were a few of the more notable presentations that took place over the course of the event and provide a fascinating look into what can be expected from men’s fashion next year.