Are you aware that the type of car you drive can affect your insurance premium? As a young driver in Ireland, it’s a lot better to own a car that is pocket friendly and guarantees cheaper Insurance. That way, you will be able to save more and still enjoy the many benefits of car insurance.

Indeed, factors like your driving experience, age, as well as your insurance history can also affect your insurance premium. Nonetheless, driving an inexpensive car could mean that the running cost would be affordable as well, which sums up to give your insurance premium a good boost.

The guide below is replete with young driver insurance options that are inexpensive for car drivers in Ireland. Get ready to be amazed at the outcome as you learn more about the cheapest cars to buy and insure…don’t say we didn’t warn you!

1. Volkswagen Polo

In 1975, the Volkswagen Polo was introduced to the market. And ever since, it has been a favorite for many young drivers in Ireland. The Volkswagen Polo is one car that is inexpensive and cheap to insure.

2. Ford Fiesta

The Ford brand of vehicles has not been one to lag in crafting innovative car models for their youthful populace. 

It has two of its style trim in Insurance group 2, and it’s a great representation of affordable costs and lower premiums.

3. Toyota Yaris

What makes the Toyota brand of a small car very special? Well, you are about to find out. Toyota vehicles; are built to last, as we all know, and the Toyota Yaris is no different. It is spacious, affordable, and very easy on your insurance cover.

4. SEAT Mii

This vehicle has a 1.0- liter engine, and its low cost of purchase and maintenance makes it a great; choice for young drivers in Ireland. It’s an inexpensive car to insure, and young drivers can’t seem to get over its features.

5. Kia Rio

Kia Rio is a very good car for young drivers who have a small and growing family. The vehicle has a very spacious boot for storing away items. It’s very stylish and; easy to drive, and more importantly, it’s cheap to insure.

6. SEAT Ibiza


Speaking of impressive: this vehicle has not ceased to amaze many. Even as far as its critics, since the launch of its latest version. It holds the title as the ” Car of the year” earned from the “What Car?” award ceremony. This award-winning small car is inexpensive to buy and affordable to insure. You would never have to worry about breaking the bank over this purchase. It’s a perfect fit for Irish young drivers.

7. Toyota Aygo


The Toyota Aygo has a 1.0 engine, and it is smaller in size than the Toyota Yaris Model. The test vehicle is reliable and less costly to insure. It’s an ideal car for young drivers in Ireland who are on a budget.

8. Skoda Citigo


This car has a solid structure, and it is easily affordable. It’s in car insurance group 1, and since it’s a 3-door city car, young drivers find it very easy to navigate their way, especially in a more busy environment.

9. Kia Picanto


This car model is popular with young drivers, and it comes with a seven-year warranty. You can already tell that it’s one of the cheapest cars to insure. Similarly, it’s easy to drive and portable for optimal performance.

10. Nissan Micra


The most recent model of this vehicle has won lots of hearts and drawn the attention of many youth in Ireland to its excellent features and body works. Nissan Micra is inexpensive to insure and one of the cheapest to buy.

Comfort and quality have their price. 

Hence, despite being very affordable, these vehicles are not lagging in delivering the deserved comfort and compatibility that most young drivers in Ireland need. These vehicles are a worthy investment, as they are inexpensive to insure and affordable for young drivers.