Although the railways have been functional across the world since 1804, they still prove to be an efficient and enjoyable mode of transport in 2017. That is a ‘long journey’ indeed! If you are as enthusiastic about trains as Sheldon Cooper (of Big Bang Theory fame), read on to know about the grandest and most beautiful railways stations around the world, such as Paddington Station in London.

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  • Paddington Station, London

Famous as the arrival place of the iconic Paddington Bear, the station is located in Central London. It provides direct connectivity to Heathrow Airport via the Heathrow Express.

The station is centrally located, with places like Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace and many more tourist attractions within a 3 mile radius. And when you’re tired after all that sightseeing, you can simply find hotels Central London near Paddington Station for some rest and relaxation.

  • Dunedin Station, New Zealand

Architect George Troup designed the station in the Flemish renaissance style and earned himself the nick name “Gingerbread George.” Completed in 1906, the building now houses the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame and the Otago Art Society in its upper floor. The station runs sightseeing trains to Middlemarch and Pukerangi via the Taieri Gorge, and to Palmerston.

  • Milano Centrale, Italy

Only when you see this station will you realise that this is not only the busiest station in Italy, it is the busiest in all of Europe! Its architecture is a pleasant blend of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. When at the station, you can take a 5 minute metro ride to the Piazza Duomo and see the beautiful church.

  • Grand Central Terminal, USA

If the name doesn’t make it obvious, the station is quite literally ‘grand’. This is not only in terms of size and its iconic Beaux-Arts style architecture, but also in the number of people that use this station each year. The number of visitors is estimated at over a whopping 26,000,000!

With two separate floors and 44 platforms, it is the station with the highest number of platforms in the world. This architectural marvel was designed by not one but two firms, Reed & Stem and Warren & Wetmore. To add to the extra effort put into its making, the iconic clock in the main concourse was designed by Henry Edward Bedford.

  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, India

In the fast paced city of Mumbai, you’re sure to miss out on a lot that surrounds you, but the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus isn’t one of them. The perfectly blended Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival and Mughal styles of architecture are not something you can just walk past, without taking a minute to soak in the grandeur. Formerly known as Victoria Terminus, the station was renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in 1996, in honour of the founder of the Maratha Empire.

So, plan your next holiday to one such destination, where the travel is as exciting as the place itself. And don’t forget to book yourself into a comfortable budget hotel, such as Paddington Hotel, London, a budget hotel in Central London near Paddington Station.