When it comes to buying a car for the first time, a certain criterion must be met. Is it trendy? Is it cool? Is it safe? You’re no doubt excited to show off your freshly found freedom and independence, but still these bigger questions need to be asked. While less younger people have been learning to drive, the excitement is unwavering amongst those who do.

It’s a great time to be alive, and for the most part, the ideal car must reflect this. Consequently, here’s a quick-fire list of the most ideal cars for the lucky first-time buyer!

Ford Fiesta Hatchback

The Ford Fiesta is the go-to vehicle for parents who are doting on their kids as part of their 17th birthday celebrations. This is because the car is riddled with high-end safety tech; speed cap systems, seatbelt alerts, and even an enforced limit to the stereos volume. Of course, this all might seem like the anti-thesis of what most first-time drivers would want, but these little quirks can help ease them into the world of driving safely.

Moreover, the Ford Fiesta performs well on motorways too, which can’t be said of all the smaller cars that first-time buyers typically go for. It’s compact, it’s reliable, and more than anything else it performs confidently on the roads too, instead of sluggishly bumbling along as only an embarrassing scrap heap can!=

Kia Picanto

This is the perfect car for the driver who cruises the roads in style but bound as if by blood to the city life. The Kia Picanto is the more compact vehicle entry to this list and does everything it can to compete with the bigger cars, all from the confines of a smaller make and model. There’s something noble and dignified in that, and at the very least makes navigating the cityscape during rush hour traffic more bearable.

Auto lights are fitted for refined visibility, alongside the standard USB ports for music lovers, electric front windows and hill start assist technologies. These features sum up the Kia Picanto perfectly; small, modest, but also capable, reliable, hardworking and practical.=

Volkswagen Polo Hatchback

Hatchbacks are easy to come by now, especially due to services like Unbeatable Car helping many buyers search for their preferred vehicles with speed. However, it’s the Volkswagen Polo that towers over many of them, at least in terms of style, aesthetics and more importantly, affordability too. With this car, the first-time buyer will be dealing with trim bodywork and robust build quality, all in a less pricey package.

Adaptive cruise control is also built in, as well as a bevy of engines to pluck out and choose between for the buyer who likes to tinker and be drawn in by fuel efficiency. In the end, this car performs in a way that only a sixth-generation issue can. The Volkswagen Polo is a mean, lean sporting machine, and should give the first-time buyer a kick when they swerve off to wherever they need to go.